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41 Free Things You Gotta Do This December 2016 In Montreal

End the year off with smiles and happiness.
41 Free Things You Gotta Do This December 2016 In Montreal

It's finally December, you guys! We made it through 2016. It's the last leg of the race. I'm so excited, you guys.

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Naturally, you might think that December is all about spending money. But that's totally not true. There are legit tons of free and awesome things you can do in the city this month.

1. Hop on over to the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts' Pavillion for Peace and enjoy free entry, throughout the month.

2. Art lover? Check out this free art vernissage at Le Virunga by Coco Bee, December 11.

3. If you're a yoga fiend, then check out one free hour of yoga at Lole Ste-Catherine on December 7.

4. Afterwards, make your way to the Quartier Des Spectacles, for their Luminotherapie installation.

5. Feel like partying your way into the holiday spirit? On December 2, check out the free LANDR party at La Sala Rossa.

6. If free music is totally your thing, then make your way over to Upstairs Jazz Bar for McGill's jazzy jam session.

7. Down to get into the holiday spirit? Check out the torchlight holiday parade going down on Mont Royal, December 3.

8. Or, on December 2, get yourself to the Plaza St. Hubert for their nighttime Christmas parade.

9. On that same day, make sure you're at Place Emilie-Gamelin, to see this beyond amazing free fire manipulation show.

10. Feel like escaping reality a little bit? No worries. Throughout the month, get yourself to the Phi Centre, and check out their free virtual reality garden.

11. Need to get yourself ready for the food coma that is the holidays? On December 10, get yourself to Lole Ste-Catherine for their hour long yoga dance meetup.

12. Or else, on the 18, get yourself there for some House Of Bounce fitness.

13. Throughout December, be sure to make your way to Complexe Desjardins for their super fun, beautiful, interactive Fontaine Boreale display.

14. Big, big fan of Santa? Then you're in luck. During December, get to the Stewart Museum and watch the "Santas Are Taking Over" exhibit.

15. And, while you're there, enjoy free admission to the rest of the museum.

16. If you're into theatre, make your way over to Villeray for a free Christmas-themed play, based on A Christmas Carol.

17. Get yourself in the Christmas spirit and attend any one of these free Christmas choirs.

18. Grab your bae and take a winter hike up Mont-Royal.

19. Then Snapchat as many gorgeous winter sceneries as you possibly can.

20. Feeling jazzy? Get yourself to Lole Ste-Catherine for their Jazz Yoga event, December 23.

21. Then get yourself to this super fun, big Christmas market, throughout the month.

22. Feel like staying in? No worries. Chill at home and make everything more festive by making any one of these cool eggnog cocktails.

23. Or dig up that bottle of red wine and make yourself a nice cup of red wine hot chocolate.

24. Grab your BFFs and have an impromptu winter photoshoot among the gorgeous snowy scenes.

26. Netflix your absolute favourite holiday movie.

27. Then Facebook it for all your friends to see you're in the festive mood.

28. ...Or just watch the revival of Gilmore Girls, like the rest of us.

29. Check out the gorgeous holiday displays downtown. (Especially the Ogilvy window, it's gorgeous).

30. If you're interested in the metaphysical, or know someone who is, then check out this awesome spiritual and metaphysical Christmas market, December 10.

32. Strap on your ice skates and prepare for a gorgeous winter skate at Park LaFontaine.

34. On December 15, treat yourself to a completely free yoga class.

35. Then go home and shamelessly rewatch Frozen for the 750th time in your life. (It's okay. It's a good movie).

36. ... And then build yourself a snowman, because there's no more appropriate time to build a snowman than right after you've seen Frozen.

37. At a loss for what Christmas gifts to get? Check out the "Christmas Jungle" pop up boutique, on December 16.

39. Shamelessly re-wear last year's ugly Christmas sweater. Don't wait until Christmas to do this.

40. Documentary buff? On Tuesday, December 6, check out Concordia's free screening of Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation, followed by a panel discussion.

41. Throughout December, get yourself to Montreal's South Shore for Longueuil's epic Christmas market.

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