42 Free Things You Can Do This July 2016 In Montreal

Make the most of your summer.
42 Free Things You Can Do This July 2016 In Montreal

Alright, guys, we've made it past a long winter, a rainy spring, and a kind of cold June. It goes without saying that the first half of 2016 has been a little awkward, weather-wise.

But that's okay. We're officially in the second half of the year, and it's going to be awesome. Don't believe me? Just check out the sheer amount of fun, free things Montreal has got going on this July.

1. On July 4, sharpen those Instagram skills and attend this free Montreal "Instagram school".

2. Film buff? Check out this free film screening on Mount Royal, July 9.

3. Or else check out these free movies at the Quartier des Spectacles, Tuesdays throughout the month.

4. If art is your actual bae, check out Jam Nations' free 6 a 9 and vernissage, July 7.

5. Grab your favourite water bottle and take a jog up Mount Royal.

6. Then Snapchat everyone all of your jog struggles.

7. And cap off the day with a free jazz concert on the mountain, July 10.

8. Or, if jazz gets you jazzed up, check out any one of these free concerts at Montreal's Jazz Festival.

9. Firmly in summer workout mode? Keep up your momentum by attending this free Roga class, on July 9.

10. Or else check out these awesome free Montreal "workout parks".

11. Take a stroll through the Plateau and admire all the new murals.

12. Then follow it up with some chillage at the Quartier Des Spectacles' Jardins Gamelin.

13. Throughout July, check out Repercussion Theatre's productions of Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar.

14. Are you on some serious yoga vibes? On July 7, check out Lole Ste-Catherine's free Spinal Yoga class.

15. On Friday, July 1, spend Canada Day at Canada's largest food festival.

16. And then stroll down to Montreal's Old Port for some awesome Canada Day fireworks.

17. Grab your BFFs and head down to one of these awesome Montreal parks.

18. On July 13, let some good vibes into your life by attending Lole Ste-Catherine's free automassage workshop.

19. Always wanted to learn how to make arepas? On July 30, check out Cocina Chevere's arepa cooking class.

20. Down to chill at a beach, right here in the city? Head on over to Montreal's Village Au Pied-du-Courant, under the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

21. Take a stroll through Ile Sainte Helene, and discover one of Montreal's hidden waterfalls.

22. Then end the day by watching the world's largest fireworks festival, taking place throughout July.

23. On July 1, head out to DDO for their Ribfest du Marche De L'Ouest event.

24. Then, on July 2, get yourself to Verdun to check out the ultra cool Art Urbain & DJ Percussions Electronique rooftop event.

25. Throughout July, head on over to LaSalle's Park J.D. Ducharme for music, dance, games, and many more fun activities.

26. Prove just how in shape you are by attending Lole Ste-Catherine's Bootcamp class, on July 9.

27. If you've never been to the Phi Centre's Virtual Reality Garden, get there before July 31 (AKA its last day).

28. On July 23, check out Casa Del Popolo for their Body Meta DJ Night event.

29. Or check out Casa Del Popolo's Bollywood and Bhangara with DJ Pataka event, on July 28.

30. Greet the morning the right way on July 5 with the Art Of Living's free morning yoga session.

31. Every Thursday after 5:30 PM, get yourself to the Canadian Centre for Architecture and check it out for free.

32. On the last Sunday of the month (so July 31), check out the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts for free.

33. On July 2, get yourself to downtown Montreal and bask in the beauty of this year's Carifiesta parade.

34. Got yourself a ticket to Montreal's Botanical Gardens? Then check out one of their free concerts, throughout July.

35. If you and your sibling are literally twinning, then attend this Twin Gathering on July 23.

36. On July 26, get yourself to McGill University for their free public astro night lecture, "Planets Near And Far".

37. Cinephile? Throughout the month, check out these free film screenings, at various parks in the city.

38. On July 8 - 10, stroll to Montreal's Mile End for an awesome street sale.

39. Wake up super super early and go for a beautiful bike ride at any one of these places.

40. Every Sunday, head out to Mount Royal for Montreal's famous tam-tams.

41. Weekends in July, head over to Parc Jean-Drapeau for their "Week-ends Du Monde" cultural fests.

42. Or else get yourself to any one of these awesome parks, pack a picnic, and enjoy your summer vibes.

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