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43 Free Things You Can Do This September 2016 In Montreal

Save your cash for school.

Guys, I love September. It's one of my all-time favourite months... yes, mainly because it's my birthday month, but also because it's a time of new beginnings, colder weather, and the start of the world's best season: fall.

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Although September can also be pretty expensive (see: school starting and the cost of a new wardrobe/textbooks/tuition/etc), no worries. There are still tons of free (and super fun!) things for you to do throughout this glorious month.

1. On September 9 - 10, check out downtown Montreal's free, massive EDM festival.

2. Or head to Verdun, Marché Copette's outdoor "food festival" on September 10 - 11.

3. Get yourself up to the Mount-Royal Chalet for one of the summer's last free concerts on September 4.

4. That same day, head down to the Pied-du-Courant beach and check out the Afrotonik festival, featuring food trucks and free live music.

5. Feel like getting your salsa on? Get yourself to Jardins Gamelin for their Salsa Folie event, Saturdays in September.

6. Get yourself to the giant chessboard on Sainte-Catherine street and play chess IRL, until September 5.

7. Want to get your folk dancing on? Get yourself to Mount-Royal for a folk dancing workshop under the stars.

8. On September 3, honour Harambe the gorilla by participating in downtown Montreal's March For Harambe.

9. Enjoy short films? Then get yourself to the Phi Centre for their "Not Short On Talent" film screenings, throughout September.

10. Stroll through the Quartier Des Spectacles and take a swing on the musical swings installation, up until September 5.

11. While you're there, admire the beautiful 9x[MTL] art projection installation at the Quartier Des Spectacles, up throughout the month of September.

12. On September 6, get downtown for a screening of the movie Drive at Place de la Paix.

13. And, on the 4th, don't forget to head down to the Village au Pied-du-Courant for their public market event.

14. On the first of the month, head down to the Phi Centre and sing your heart out at their Karaoke De Quartier event.

15. And on the second, head out to the Olympic Stadium for their First Fridays food truck event.

16. Lover of all things yoga? Check out the Morning Yoga event, Wednesdays throughout the month at Jardins Gamelin.

17. Are you the proud parent of a pit bull? Check out this free pit bull photoshoot, taking place on September 3.

18. Pitbull owner? On September 25, treat your dog to a free spa day, courtesy of Pampered Pets Westmount.

19. On September 9, check out DJ Jazzy Jeff for free on St-Denis street, as part of the OUMF.

20. Wednesdays throughout the month, get your fresh produce on and stroll through UQAM's Farmer's Market in Place Pasteur.

21. Then take a walk through the Jardins Gamelin, and bathe in the essence of it beautiful aerial art installation.

22. On September 17, embrace that fitness life and check out a free Lolë Bootcamp session.

23. While you still can, stroll through the Gay Village and check out the gorgeous Aires Libres installation, up until September 26.

24. Then head up to the Plateau to admire the gorgeous, secret cobblestone path hidden there.

25. On September 8 - 10, check out the "Découvre Ta Ville" tour on St-Denis street, as part of the OUMF.

26. Unitl September 4, cop yourself some free books courtesy of this Montreal shop.

27. Check out McGill's Public Astro Night on September 29, this time featuring a lecture on "new cosmic sounds."

28. Get your agriculture on on September 11, and check out Montreal's Agricultural Fair at the Olympic Stadium.

29. Every Thursday after 5:30, check out the Canadian Centre for Architecture and let a little more structure into your life. (Anyone?)

30. As part of the OUMF, get yourself to St-Denis street on September 8 and enjoy the musical stylings of La Bronze.

31. On September 10, embrace your yoga life and check out this acro-yoga workshop in Lachine, courtesy of Lululemon.

32. Dig yourself some eletronic music? Check out the Soirée Éphémère at the Village au Pied-du-Courant for some free live music.

33. Before school starts again, take some time out of your busy schedule to de-clutter your desk, bookshelf, and life. #NewYearNewYou.

34. Imagine all of your problems floating TF away as you attend the Montreal Boat Show, on September 9 - 11 at the Old Port.

35. If bootcamp is life for you, then check out Lolë's Fit2Be bootcamp session on September 10.

36. The last Sunday of the month (so the 25th), enjoy free admission to Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts.

37. Yoga lover? The check out Hopla's free yoga events, taking place throughout the month and throughout the city.

38. Karaoke fan? Get yourself to Jardins Gamelin on September 11, and take part in their outdoor karaoke fun.

39. Or, if jazz ins your jam, check out Sarah MK at Upstairs on September 22, free at 10:30 PM.

40. Head on over to Le Salon Daomé on September 24 for their High Heels Prohibited event, free entrance before midnight.

41. On Stpember 8, check out Lolë's free spinal yoga session.

42. And then, on September 3, stroll down to the Quartier Des Spectacles for a free walking tour.

43. Take a walk through your favourite park and admire the pre-fall ambiance, because before we know it, it'll be October.

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