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48 Super Fun Montreal Things You Gotta Do in 2018

All your must dos for the year.
48 Super Fun Montreal Things You Gotta Do in 2018

We are living in quite a time, my friends. Let's get psyched for 2018. Because if the trend continues as it has been for the past two years, chances are, there is a crazy year waiting for us right around the corner.

That said, no matter how crazy the year is, Montrealers can always look forward to their tried and true events, festivals and activities that take place in Montreal each year, and that Montrealers hold true to their hearts. Not sure what those are, exactly? No problem. We've compiled a list of the reoccurring key events and festivals that truly define each season in Montreal.  Get your calendars ready!

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Spend NYE at a party in the Old Port hosted by the city

Every year the city hosts a free NYE party in the Old Port, totally open to the public! This year is sure to be a big one because of the 375th anniversary. Don't miss it!

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Spend an unforgettable evening at the biggest part of the winter, Igloo Fest

Igloo Fest is a massive outdoor music festival, in the dead of winter. It's as Canadian as it gets. If you fear the cold, fear not. The crowd and heated alcoves are sure to keep you warm all night long.

@nuitblanchemtlembedded via

Spend a night at the museum and exploring the city during city-wide event Nuit Blanche

Nuit blanche runs from end of February to the beginning of March each year. During this week long city-wide festivals there are all kinds of performances, show, and event around the city. Museums and metro are also open late, too. It's a great way to beat the late winter blue.

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Take the whole fam to annual Fetes Des Neiges in Parc Jean Drapeau

This festival isn't only for kids. Playing in the snow is fun for all. There are all kinds of fun winter activities happening at Parc Jean Drapeau during the festival. It can make a really cute date activity, too.

@mcadoo_514embedded via

Visit Le Cartier Des Spectacles any time of day for the Luminotherapie installations

Every year the city lights up the Cartier Des Spectacle. Right around Place Des Arts you will find all kinds of beautiful interactive light installations. Bring the whole family to play and spend an afternoon.

@macmontrealembedded via

Visit the MAC museum for a very special exhibit on Leonard Cohen which will run until early spring 2018

In homage to a much-loved and famous Montreal Leonard Cohen, a highly anticipated exhibit is showing at the MAC museum for the early part of 2018. Pay a visit and honor the legacy of one of the greatest musician and artists to come out of the city.

@nerriyembedded via

Hit the mountain for an afternoon of winter activities

Nothing more quintessentially Canadian and montreal than spending an afternoon tobogganing or just taking in the winter skyline from the top of the mountain. The winter views are breathtaking, especially after a fresh snowfall.

@atrium.le1000embedded via

Visit one of Montreal biggest indoor rinks at Place Bonaventure

Atrium 1000 is open to the public for skating all winter long. It makes for a great family activity or romantic evening date for two. The price is reasonable and skates are available to rent.

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@cecilehistoryembedded via

Visit one of the many "sugar shacks" around the greater Montreal area

You can't really call yourself a real Quebecer unless you've been to a <Cabane A Sucre> at least once. We are very proud of our delicious maple syrup. Stay for the whole afternoon and indulge in a massive meal of regional delights. Lot's of pork included.

@dyl_alex_rembedded via

Visit the Botanical Garden for their annual Papillion En Liberte event

Every year the Botanical garden hosts an event for the entire month of April where you can go see and interact with a beautiful green room full of butterflies. It's quite the experience.

@monttremblantembedded via

Hit the slopes for a spring skiing session at Mont Tremblant or any of the surrounding mountains

Spring skiing is without a doubt, the best. Because it usually means grabbing a beer outside and soaking up some rays at the end of a long day. Visit any of the mountains found right outside Montreal.

@ctvmontrealembedded via

Celebrate St.Patricks day on Saint-Catherine street for the annual parade!

The Saint-Patricks day parade is always a guaranteed good time. The energy felt downtown is always amazing. You can also hit up any of the many pubs around the downtown area and your guaranteed in for a day of drinking and partying.

@2betches1plateembedded via

Welcome spring at Ben & Jerry's with their annual Free Cone Day

Every year Ben & Jerry's hosts a "free cone day" to mark the beginning of spring in Montreal. Although, Spring in Montreal usually means down coats and unexpected blizzards, we will never say no to free ice cream. Even if it's 0 degrees outside.

@pamelatheroux17embedded via

Put on your best white outfit and attend annual festival Bal En Blanc

Bal En Blanc has been a festival in Montreal since I can remember. I've never been myself, but it must be quite a sight to see everyone dressed in white from head to toe. This year it's happening in March, more details if you sign up at the website above!

@skillzometerembedded via

Welcome Spring into town by attending Tam Tam in late April when the snow finally melts

As soon as the snow melts you can be sure that all the Tam Tam aficionados will be out and about on the mountain every Sunday afternoon. Usually the last week of April is when the festivities and drumming begin.

@i_shot_samoembedded via

Celebrate International Women's Day with your fellow Montreal Girlfriends

Men and women all around should get together on International women's day - which falls on March 8th this year - and celebrate how far all Canadian women have come.

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Kick-off summer by attending Mural Festival in early June

Mural festival now takes place on the same weekend as Grand-Prix but runs for two whole weeks. All of Saint-Laurent Street is shut down for endless nights of street food, drinking and roaming. It's personally my favourite festival of the summer.

@tokyobarembedded via

Visit Tokyo Bar for their Annual Tokyo BBQ to start your summer right

Every year Tokyo BBQ hosts a outdoor day jam to kick-off the summer. This party goes all day long - and will often have you drinking into the wee hours of the morning, too. A great way to start you're summer right.

@piknicmtlembedded via

Spend a Sunday afternoon at Piknic Electronic at Parc Jean Drapeau

Piknic electronic is now a travelling global electronic music festival that happens all over the world! And it all started in Montreal. It's quite the experience to spend a sunday afternoon surrounded by thousands of people waving to funky beats, but if that's you're thing, head out to Parc Jean Drapeau.

@b.rositoembedded via

Get the crew together and attend annual Beer Fest of Montreal

Beer fest comes to Montreal each summer to bring us some interesting and unique brews from all around the world. Get your beer loving friends together and spend the whole weekend there. There is not only beer, but food and activities as well.

@danpinetembedded via

Attend annual music festival Franco-Folie and go see live shows around Places Des Arts

Franco-Folie is an annual music festival which features french-speaking musicians from Montreal, Quebec and the world. Listening to native music is a a great way to get in touch with the local culture and language.

@travellinoverseaembedded via

Attend one of the many free outdoor performances for the Internationally recognized Montreal Jazz Fest

You're not a real Montrealer until you spend an evening trying to navigate the buzzing crowd of the Jazz Fest. It's a true sight to see. People fly from all over the continent to spend the weekend at the festival. So - take advantage!

@whymenfightembedded via

Take a walk down Saint Catherine East on the pedestrian walkway in the heart of the village

Saint-Catherine street is transformed into a beautiful pedestrian walk-way during the snowless months of the year. This is a great time to get to know a different part of town, and totally on food. So many great restaurants, bars and shops to visit in the East side of town.

@maplenpupusasembedded via

Spend time hanging out in one of the many beautiful parks of Montreal

Wether it's Parc Jarry, Lafontaine or Jeanne Mance - Parks are the beaches for us Canadians living far from the coast. It's the best way to unwind and cool off on a hot summer day, and catch a few rays.

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@justinpjtrudeauembedded via

Celebrate Montreal Pride by attending the Pride Parade

You might even see Prime Minister Trudeau this year, too! Always a fun way to spend the afternoon, the Montreal pride parade is always full of energy and life.

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Attend Montreal's yearly Carifiesta and parade on Saint-Catherine Street

Every year Montreal Caribbean community comes together to celebrate and hosts a massive parade which runs down Saint-Catherine street. It's one hell of a party. Support you local community and attend!

@watchmojoembedded via

Attend Montreal yearly Comiccon event at Palais Des Congrais

The dates for 2018 are already announced! If you're a die hard Comiccon fan you will know them already. If you've never been, now is your chance to discover something fun and new.

@fantasiafestivalembedded via

Attend one of the many films that will be screening for Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal

By far the best film festival in Montreal will be running again this year. It's always best to buy your tickets way ahead of time, as the film festival has gained and increasing amount of popularity and exposure over the years.

@festivalhaitienfolieembedded via

Attend Festival Haiti En Folie in July!

Montreal wouldn't be Montreal without it's Haitian community. So spend an afternoon at The summer Festival Haiti En Folie. The festival ran this year in the month of July. Dates for 2018 have not been announced yet, but stay tuned for upcoming dates and details!

@lillymonadaembedded via

Attend one of the many performances at theJust For Laughs Comedy Festival

Montreal summer wouldn't be complete without seeing at least one stand-up performance as part of the just for laughs festival. We are very lucky to receive some of the biggest and most internally recognized talents.

@rachelrossenembedded via

Attend one of the biggest parties of the summer - Osheaga!

Get your cutest outfit together and spend a weekend partying and discovering new music at Osheaga - one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in all of Canada. It's definitely not to miss.

@lesbiano_rey_del_breakpopembedded via

Electronic music fans unite at MUTEK - Montreal's biggest electronic music summer festival

MUTEK festival is very important to the music scene in the city and brings in some big names from around the globe and also works to support and expose tons of local artist. If your a fan of house, electronic, and techno music - this is definitely the festival for you.

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@sar_gagnonembedded via

Visit the Montreal Botanical Gardens in September for a unique experience

Every September the Montreal Botanical gardens hosts a themed show and exposition to bring in the new season. Stay tune to find out what they have in store for 2018!

@rwandanveganembedded via

September hosts the official Montreal Marathon

Wether you're a novice or experienced runner, join the Montreal marathon in September. You can even go just to watch! If you're interested now is the time to start your training regimen.

@popmontrealembedded via

Attend one of the many shows during POP Montreal!

POP Montreal is a city-wide music festival that is all about promoting and exposing local talent in the world of music. You will find countless performances at venues all across the city in venues small to big. It's a great way to discover new music and support local arts.

@fringemtlembedded via

Participate and attend one of the many performances for Montreal Fringe Festival

Montreal Fringe Fest is all about the performing arts. During this city-wide festival you have the opportunity to attend and view different types of music, improv, and theatre events across the city.

@sheefitembedded via

Make sure to attend the last weekend of Piknic Electronic

Obviously Piknic Electronic is a huge and ongoing event every summer. For those of you who might not know, it actually runs all the way into September. The last weekend is usually a banger and definitely not one to miss!

@jadecouzembedded via

Visit Mont-Royal in late September for some stunning #views

The best month in my opinion to visit the mountain is early fall. When it's perfect sweater weather. Hike up and enjoy the beautiful view of the changing leaves. So priceless.

@james.tognariniembedded via

Grab you S/O and go apple picking for a quintessential early fall

Nothing screams early fall in Quebec like apple picking. We all did it as kids, and we all love to do it as adults, too. There are tons of places right outside the city to go spend the day. Take your pick! All puns intended.

@brigamusicembedded via

Immerse yourself in art at the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

September is a great time to start to participate in some cultured and low-key activities like going to the museum. A great way to kick-off the school year is to visit our most beloved Montreal Museum of Fine Arts found right downtown.

For Super Fun Things To Do In November & December 2018, click "NEXT"

@mtlatableembedded via

Attend MTL a Table - a city-wide food event hosted by different restaurants

2017 brought us a great instalment of MTL a Table. Looks like it might be in store for 2018, as well. Stay tuned for more information on the 2018 forecast for this Montreal-hosted event.

@massinoiseembedded via

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Visit Place Bonaventure for the Salon De Metier D'art

The Canadian Crafts Council at Place Bonaventure hosts a yearly event bringing together artisans from around the region to sell and promote their product. This is a great way to support and get to know local artists work.

@soukatsatembedded via

Attend Souk @ SAT and support local designers and artisans

Souk @ SAT also brings together local artisans, but is highly curated and designed focused. That means you'll be browsing some beautiful and trendy hand-crafted jewellery, card, leather goods and more, all from talented local designers.

@santaembedded via

Walk down to Saint-Catherine Street for the annual Santa Claus Parade!

Usually the parade falls mid-November and is a great way to get in the holiday spirit early. Go with friends and make it a party, or bring the whole family. All are welcome!

@pucespopembedded via

Attend Puces Pop a massive arts festival in Montreal every December

Puces Pop is great for those who love a good vintage find. Be prepared to rummage for gold, but with dedication and patience, you will be sure to leave with something good. And a couple Christmas gifts, of course.

@tbougiourisembedded via

Head down to Place Des Arts For Luminotheraphie which launches in December

For the past 8 years the city has set up interactive and glowing installations around the Cartier Des Spectacles near Places Des Arts for us to enjoy all winter. Pop by Place Des Arts to take a peak, or stay for the afternoon and play. Don't forget to visit the MAC museum after!

@esanavaladezembedded via

Visit the Saint-Joseph oratory for a memorable early-winter afternoon

My favorite season to visit the oratory is early-winter, after most of the leaves have fallen. This way you get a good view of the city sky line from above. Also, it's a little extra creepy when it's cold.

@legrandmarchedenoeldemtlembedded via

Visit some of the many Christmas Markets around town

December is clearly Christmas Market season. There are dozens if not hundreds all around town. Some are run out of church basements and others are as big a Le Grand Marche De Noel, hosted by the city in Downtown Montreal. Take your pick and enjoy the shopping!

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