5 All-New Montreal Restaurants Opening In 2015

2015 promises to be quite a tasty year indeed.

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If you are like most Montrealers, you probably often think there are just not enough damn restaurants in this city. Ok, maybe not, as I'm sure you are well aware that when it comes to great places to eat, Montreal has no shortage of gourmet options. While there are no doubt a whole slew of new and exciting restaurants to hit the scene in 2015, we do know of a few already. Heavy hitters such as Chefs Antonio Park and Simon Mathys will continue to prove why they are serious foodie contenders in Montreal, Fabergé /Roux Food Truck will be setting up a new shop in the Plateau, a mysterious cure to our culinary depression will open its doors in Rosemont, and an all-Nutella bar is sure to have us bouncing off the walls like crazed kindergartners. Find out more after the jump.

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Where: 1184 Place Phillips

When: December 11, 2014

What: While Jatoba is actually set to open any day now, we just couldn't wait to talk about it.The team behind hot spot Flyjin in Old Montreal has partnered up with renowned chef Antonio Park to create Jatoba. Filling the space that used to be the Phillips Lounge, Jatoba initially was meant to be a cocktail bar only, but has evolved and is set to be full restaurant, fusing Park's Japanese cuisine with exotic flavors borrowed from his South-American heritage. With interiors done by the same designer responsible for places like Apt. 200, SuWu and L'Gros Luxe, along with a gigantic terrasse set for the summer, Jatoba promises to be a big hit in 2015.

Le Beau Frère

Where: 29 Beaubien Est

When: Expected 2015

What: Fresh off a recent bronze medal win at the Gold Metal Plates competition, comes news from food blogger James Chatto that Simon Mathys (Racines, Micro Resto La Famille) is set to open Le Beau Frère. Eater Montreal tells us that the restaurant will open in La QV, where Mathys in fact hosted the Gold Metal Plates judges and which recently saw outstanding pop-up events from Sri-Lanken Chef Gamini (Gus) Karunanayake and Jean-François Baril, a former chef at the iconic Globe restaurant.


Where: 20 Duluth Ouest

When: Expected 2015

What: If you're a fan of the Roux food truck, you'll be happy to hear that Eric Rice, who also cooks at Fabergé in the Mile End, is bringing his delicious food to the Plateau at Perfecto. The restaurant will feature a lively bar atmosphere, and if it's anything like Roux or Fabergé, we are probably gonna love it.

Les Cocottes

Where: 51 Beaubien Est

When: December 2014

What: There's very little info at this point in time regarding Les Cocottes, but they describe themselves as "your culinary antidepressant" on their Facebook page, and that has definitely got us curious. We do know that Les Cocottes is located in the former Itacate in the Rosemont area, and Eater Montreal points to a job posting for a "unique concept in Canada" potentially serving bistronomie-type fare.

Facebook Page

Eatella Nutella Bar

Where: Montreal

When: Expected 2015

What: We originally told you guys about the Eatella Nutella Bar back in September, but a restaurant entirely dedicated to Nutella is surely worth mentioning again. Chocolate addicts will find over 60 different Nutella-rific options including everything from crepes, to Nutella pizzas, to Nutella cheesecakes all ranging from $11-$19 in price, and no Nutella bar would be complete without a variety of Nutella-inspired martinis and drinks to make all of our coco dreams come true. We unfortunately don't know exactly where yet, but rest assured we will keep you updated.

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