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5 Amazing Montreal Apartments You Can Rent On Airbnb This Summer

Have your dream home for the night.
5 Amazing Montreal Apartments You Can Rent On Airbnb This Summer

Montreal is an incredible city with so much variety and diversity. Each neighbourhood has a totally different feel and atmosphere, that you can find embodied in these awesome properties. They're all available on Airbnb for you to rent this summer...but for a price. OK, so these may not be super realistic as holiday destinations for everyone, but they are pretty spectacular. And a girl can dream, right?

1. This magnificent apartment in the Gay Village

Rue Saint Timothée

This apartment is decorated in a very traditional yet elegant style with gorgeous furnishings. It's set over two floors and located right in the heart of the Gay Village - with easy access to Downtown and the Old Port. And the best part is that it's pretty affordable at $150 per night.


2. This beautiful downtown apartment

Rue Sherbrooke O

This beautiful and airy apartment has floor to ceiling windows, creating a light and spacious feel. At $639 a night, the complex also offers access to a pool and sauna, as well as a highly desirable central downtown location. Not too shabby if you ask me.


3. This super cool industrial loft

Rue St-Alexandre

If you are looking for something a bit more modern, why not try out this industrial-style loft? Offering huge rooms and amazing views over the city, this place is a steal at $465 per night! Guests are also treated to a full home cinema system and a great location.


Photo Cred - Olivia

4. This stunning Hempsted house

Rue Glenmore

This gigantic house sleeps up to 12 people and apparently has been used as a set for film shoots, and we can totally see why. The property comes with beautiful gardens, barbecue areas, bikes and an indoor gym. It is not quite so well placed as the others, 10 minutes away from downtown by car, but the luxurious surroundings more than make up for that! And it can all be yours for just $1100 per night.


5. The Glass Penthouse

Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

This apartment offers spectacular views over downtown Montreal. Laid out over two floors, this incredible loft apartment uses glass to create a great effect. The Glass Penthouse is currently available for next year's Grand Prix weekend, for the humble price of $3000 per night. Yikes!


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