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5 Apps Montreal Restaurant Lovers Need To Download

Eat your heart out.
5 Apps Montreal Restaurant Lovers Need To Download

Photo Cred - Hipsters Taking Pictures Of Food

Montreal is a city made for restaurant goers. Every neighbourhood smells like a different cuisine, and their locations are normally open until he wee hours of the morning. There is something for everyone, from the posh cafes to the greasy pub food. Whatever kind of food floats your boat these apps are essential to any Montrealer who eats out.

1. OpenTable (OpenTable Inc.)

Montreal has so many amazing restaurants to choose from; it can be difficult to narrow it down. This is why OpenTable is such an amazing app for Montrealers. OpenTable allows you to look at hundreds of restaurants all over the city. It weans the list by price, cuisine, location, distance and rating until you have the perfect restaurant choice right in front of you. And once it’s been chosen you can make the reservation with the OpenTable app as well!

2. Weskonva (Marc Charbel)

A Montreal based app that helps people choose a restaurant based on mood. It has literally every food-based mood a Montrealer could experience. It ranges from ‘Hungover Brunch’ to ‘Giggles and Gossip’. Their database holds only the best and will even map the restaurant for you. All you have to do is eat!

3. Getsygo (Technologies Adzura Inc.)

If you love to eat out but hate spending the cash then this app will be your new best friend. Getysygo promotes its user to eat locally by providing restaurant discounts. It gives you access to the deals first so you don’t have to go scrounging the Internet for coupon codes. They’re already right on your phone. Getsygo allows you to have all the fun of going out without spending the cash.

Photo Cred - Alicia

4. Mount Royal Bagel Company

Are you bagel obsessed? So are we. How could you not be when the Mont Royal Bagel Company exists? Luckily they have an app to serve all your sesame seed needs. This program allows you to connect with the company’s social media platforms, place bagel orders and offers exclusive coupons.

5. M: BRGR (Mike Daher)

Montreal’s burgers are the city’s best-kept secret. Everyone knows we rock poutine and smoked meat. But what they don’t know is that our burgers also kick ass. M: BRGR is one of the many amazing burger places Montreal has to offer, and it so happens they have a great app to go along with their great menu. The app allows you to make reservations, check their menu, and easily order take-out. And if you end up liking their burgers as much as we do, then you can enroll in their loyalty rewards program on the app as well!

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