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5 Best Montreal Places To Stay In Shape Without A Gym Membership

Because no one really enjoys the treadmill anyways.
5 Best Montreal Places To Stay In Shape Without A Gym Membership

Going to the gym is probably one of the most annoying things anyone has to do. I mean, who really wants to jump on the treadmill for an hour or have the grand debate of which weight machine to pretend to use? Here is a short list of 5 great alternatives to a typical gym membership to get that dream body you've been dying for!

1. Hot Yoga - Moksha Yoga

3669 Boul. des Sources

Hot Yoga is a fantastic way to shed off those calories leaving you toned and relaxed! On the plus side, yoga is proven to increase flexibility, improve posture and a hot yoga class burns approximately 700 calories! Time to get your zen on. Moksha Yoga is a popular choice with two studios to choose from - one in Montreal and another in the West Island!

Montreal Website / West-Island Website

2. Dance Lessons - 8 Count Dance Complex

87b Boulevard Brunswick

Who would have thought that dancing could get you those 6 pack abs? Dancers are some of the most fit athletes in the world, so why not join them! Plus, its a fun way to workout and you can use your new moves to pick up a few guys/girls the next time you go out. The 8 Count Dance Complex is a great choice with tons of teachers that have been featured on TV shows and movies like America's Best Dance Crew or Step Up 5: All In. If you're gonna learn how to dance, you might as well learn from the best, right?


3. OrangeTheory Fitness

315 Brunswick Boulevard

Okay so maybe this is like a gym, but it's THE most amazing workout! OrangeTheory Fitness is a one hour fitness class lead by a variety of expert trainers to help you reach your fitness goals! The best part of the whole thing is that you are provided with a heart rate monitor that calculates the minutes you have spent in each heart rate zone and how many calories you've burnt during the class. Once your workout is done, the results are sent directly to your e-mail. Bonus: The first 2 sessions are free! OrangeTheory's first Quebec location is located in the West Island


Photo Cred - Helena888

4. Home Workouts

What better way to get that dream body than to do it in the comfort of your own home? Roll out of bed and workout in your pyjamas for all we care! You can try a home workout video (i.e. P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels etc..) or invest in some dumbbells and an exercise mat and do it on your own. Beware: Home workouts take a lot of discipline... focus!

5. Swimming

Why not take advantage of what's left of summer and tone up while basking in the sun? Swimming is one of the best ways to tone your muscles, and you can even add in some water aerobics in between laps. Don't forget about that SPF though, we wouldn't want anyone getting a sunburn. Now, get on that bikini!

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