5 Best Places To Train For A Marathon In Montreal

Going out for a jog is one thing, but training for a marathon requires you to cover a lot of ground. And when you’re training for race day, being bored with your surroundings is the last thing you need.

Luckily for us Montrealers, we have lots green space and long stretches of trails to keep our minds stimulated. Read on below for the 5 best places to train for your next marathon.

1. Lachine Canal (19km stretch)

A solid 19km without interruption and a killer view, this is the kind of trail that city marathoners yearn for, and we are damn lucky to have it. If you start your run at Atwater Market, you will have a lengthy, straight distance to train on for that perfect long run (and water stations along the way)!

2. Parc Maisonneuve (8km loop)

On Google Maps, this just looks like a tiny 5km loop, but locals know the fabulousness of this park. Within the park itself is a solid 3km, making this a perfect 8km run for your weekday training schedule. Plus, there's a fabulous view of the Olympic Stadium along the way AND (if you get out there any time before 9am) the smell of fresh baked bread wafts in from Maisonneuve Market.

3. Mount-Royal (5 to 8 km trails)

These trails are great for hill runs and cross training. You will see all kinds of people here training their butts off, whether they're on the stairs or on the hilly road. If you're looking to bang out your hill runs, start at the corner of Avenue du Parc and Avenue des Pins O and work your way up the mountain. The view at the top is worth the sweat.

Photo cred - Montreal Centre

4. Park Lafontaine (5km loop)

Lafontaine has a nice 5km loop for quick mid-week fartlek or tempo runs. And if you're feeling strong and sassy, you can always double the loop for a 10km run.

5. Downtown tour (16 km stretch)

If you get bored easily, this 16 km route is a great way to do a little hill training while covering some serious distance. The downside is, of course, that it's downtown where it can be busy. But marathons are downtown, aren't they? And you can pop in somewhere and grab a pint after. Really it's a win-win.

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