5 Changes To Quartier Des Spectacles That Will Make Montreal Festivals So Much Better

Five new projects that will improve the area.
5 Changes To Quartier Des Spectacles That Will Make Montreal Festivals So Much Better

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No matter the season, Quartier des Spectacles is bustling with activity. Festivals and shows dominate the area in the best way possible, offering Montrealers a spectacle (get it?) no matter the weather. And things are only going to get better in the ol' QdeS.

Not only a site of public entertainment, QdeS is also incredibly lucrative, having generated the city tons of money. Selling 1.5 million tickets to shows every single year, QdeS will also be making the city a cool $1.5 billion in years to come, according to a recent study. Those numbers are hard to ignore, and thankfully, they won't be.

Knowing the area is beloved by all, and is quite the cash cow, the city, along with the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (QSP), is injecting funds to make the area even better. Here's how it could change according to TVA:

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In-Between Festival Entertainment

Aware that there's kind of a lull between summer and winter within QdeS, at least in terms of installations and activities, the QSP plans to bridge the seasonal gap with a slew of new public spectacles. Fall will be the focus of 2015, with plans to project images onto 8 different buildings in the area, with more planned for the season as well.

The New "Clark Island"

You know that random abondoned parking lot right at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Clark, that's pretty much used for nothing? Yeah, well that's going to change, with definite plans set in motion to recreate l'îlot Clark/Clark Island by Denis Coderre, though exactly what will be done/how the space will be used remains a mystery.

"Smart Parking"

For citizens and tourists alike, parking in QdeS is beyond a bitch, it's actually one of the layers of Hell made manifest on Earth. The awful parking situation will get better with the introduction of "smart parking," a set of electronic signs that tell drivers where to find a free parking spot. Hopefully more parking spots will accompany this initiative.

More Art For The Museum

The core of QdeS, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, will be getting a grand $40 million dollar expansion in space, allowing the museum to showcase more of its artistic wares. As of now, the musuem only shows 1.5% of its entire collection, so the space is sorely needed.

The National Film Board Building

Come 2016, a new office + studio will be in the Quartier des spectacles, specifically the new Montreal headquarters for the National Film Board. To be constructed at the corner of Bleury and de Maisonneuve, the NFB's new office will definitely lend credence to Montreal being a true capital of culture.

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