5 Easy Fashion Trends Girls Need To Master This Fall

Ladies, fall is here and it's the time of the year where we all kind of struggle to find the right trends. Fall in Montreal gets quite intense, but I'm here to save your fashion season this year with a few options and tips for you to apply.

Let me show you a few cheap ways to get real cozy & trendy this fall in Montreal:

Business Casual

Business casual is the best way to be trendy with a touch of professionalism this fall. It's not complicated to put all together and it's quite cheap if the pieces are found at the right spots. Hop in the subway and head downtown towards H&M, Simons or Zara for easy pick ups.

Cheap & prefered pieces - White long sleeve shirt, cardigan and black skinny trousers.

Tip - You can keep the cardigan open on top to show your shirt's collar. It's a nice little touch and adds professionalism. High boots are also a great add-on.


We have tons of fashionistas in this city. For most of these young montrealers, it's hard to keep up to date with how much fashion actually costs. The fashionista is most seen running the arts scene of his/her city and dresses between designer and common brands.

Cheap & prefered pieces - Long sleeved jersey at H&M, Zara black sweats or ripped H&M black jeans, black boots found anywhere in Montreal.

Tips - Distressed clothing is the best kind of clothing. Don't be shy to wear oversized sweaters or shirts, if it mixes with your outfit properly, it's probably nice.


Preppy should feel very close to business casual. However, being a real preppy girl requires a nice touch of "school mixed with business". The skirt is always a great option if you are trying to fully reach the preppy zone.

Cheap & prefered pieces - Skirt and cute little boots are a thumbs up. A nice mix of colors or all black is a great path to take as well.

Tips - Getting the right preppy look often comes down to being very structural in its clothing choice. Tight cuts, always. Give your outfit a clean structure.

Street Style

My personal favorite. A mix of fashionistas, but with a street touch to it all. If you are an individual who travels through the city from meetings to meetings, projects to projects you'll enjoy this trend.

Cheap & prefered pieces - Jeans jacket, black high top boots, black skinny jeans and insane sneakers.

Tips - Street style is all about mixing styles. Use your knowledge of preppy/business casual vibe and mix it with a bit of trashness to get the right street style look. Also, please make sure you have proper sneakers if you are about to run the streets !


Sports wear is great when properly applied during fall season. It is one of the coolest and most comfortable style you can have in your wardrobe.

Cheap & prefered pieces - Well cut black hoodie, long coat (H&M, Zara & Simons for cheap), warm black leggings, beige boots (yes, like the ones Drake is wearing in Hot Line Bling).

Tips - My suggestion to you is to keep it all under one color. If you go for a black hoodie, go for black sneakers and black leggings. It'll look pretty darn good !