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5 Companies In Montreal Looking To Hire You And Pay Good Money Right Now

Perhaps it is time for you to consider a new career.
5 Companies In Montreal Looking To Hire You And Pay Good Money Right Now

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Finding a well-paying job in Montreal isn't the easiest, especially one you actually enjoy. Sure, getting a job in a restaurant or a bar isn't the hardest, but for most of us, that isn't exactly our intended career path. Many believe the job market in Montreal for young professionals is pretty grim, especially for Anglophones, though that isn't really true, as there are more than a few legit companies based in Montreal that are looking to hire right now.

To help make your job hunt a bit easier, we've got in touch with some of Montreal's booming startups and companies that are always looking to welcome new members into their teams. Whether you're a fresh-faced recent grad or a workforce veteran looking for a career change, these companies will work for you and you for them.

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Who They Are: A Fortune 500 company that was originally started in a garage in Arizona (#Startedfromthebottom) that focuses on business network solutions

What They Do: All about IT, Insight helps businesses improve by telling them which tech to buy and for what reasons, with a strong focus on client relationships.

Why You Should Apply:

Don't be scared by the whole 'IT' thing, because you don't need to know tech to get hired. Insight will give you all the IT training you need to become an Account Executive, info that is pretty crucial in today's tech-dominated workforce. If you like to talk with people and are a problem-solver, Insight would make a good fit, as they spend most of the day talking to clients and helping out businesses. They're also big on rewarding good work, with creative pretty sweet incentives like trips to Hawaii.

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ERP Guru

Who They Are: A group of tech-experts specializing in web-based software

What They Do: Help businesses streamline their business with online software, in sectors ranging from marketing to warehouse management.

Why You Should Apply:

Every workplace should be flexible, and ERP Guru is great for that, letting you work from home and choose your hours. All hires also get in on ERP Guru's Health & Wellness program, which has the perks of a pro-athlete nutritionist and a fitness allowance, without the fees. The mentoring program is especially useful for all that aren't technologically inclined, and even if you are, you’ll stay ahead of the curve with the Guru Academy, a new educational initiative designed to keep all employees on top of current tech and market processes. A bunch of corporate benefits are also offered to all employees (dental insurance, bonuses, etc.) and best of all, weekly happy hour festivities in the office pub and corporate outings, because every team needs to let off some steam.

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Laura Canada

Who They Are: Laura, Laura Petites, Laura Plus, and Melanie Lyne

What They Do: Provide on-trend collections, wardrobe solutions and personal stylists for Canadian women, 40+ looking for style that fits.

Why You Should Apply:

A Canadian owned and operated fashion giant, Laura Canada has both in-store and head office positions depending on your interests. Customer service pros will thrive at any of the brand's retail locations, and not solely as a sales associate, with store manager, customer experience leaders, and service coordinator positions all in demand. If you'd prefer an office environment over the sales floor, Laura Canada is always looking for talent, specifically bright, young professionals to support their latest online initiatives, including the new e-commerce website for Melanie Lyne, social media channels and the brands online stylist programs. The people person and tech savvy alike will feel right at home on the Laura Canada team

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Who They Are: An international start up that increases accessibility in city via their vehicle-hailing app

What They Do: Like you haven't heard of Uber before. No doubt if you haven't used the app yourself, you've taken a ride in an Uber taxi after one of your friends used the app.

Why You Should Apply:

Uber has quickly become one of the most widely used smartphones apps across North America, so not only will you seem super hip and trendy working for one of the most successful startups in recent memory, but they're rapid expansion will give you tons of opportunities to work in other cities. A great choice for anyone not looking to learn about tech, Uber is based in San Francisco and has offices in 250 different cities that need employees, including positions in HR, customer service, operations, and management. Plus you can help them dream up one of their "box stunts" like Uber did in Montreal, when they delivered ice cream the whole city.

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Twist Image

Who They Are: A Montreal-based digital marketing agency

What They Do: Twist Image provides both the technical and creative sides of digital marketing, meeting the tailored needs of all of their clients which include the Habs, Loyalty one, and the Canadian Cancer society

Why You Should Apply:

Creating unique marketing ideas is just as needed as technological insight, so Twist Image can help brands fully establish an online presence, meaning creative and technological types alike can find a place within the Twist Image team. Anyone wishing to enter the realm of digital marketing and advertising should definitely apply, for the experience you can gain, along with the Twist Image team's weekly "Beer O'Clock" chill-sesh, in-office TVs and videogames, and their regular holiday outings, which have included trips to Tams and wineries. An office that knows how to have fun is very important.

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