5 Easy Things You Can Do On A Monday To Cure Your Weekend Hangover

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As the beginning of the year starts to move further away from us, we realize that we have a harder time keeping focused on the goals we have set for 2015. Get leaner, lose weight, eat better, exercise more, etc. However, you worked well and stuck with it all week yet, you fall off the wagon on a weekend binge.  Even the most successful people have fallen off track with their goals, the only thing that makes them more successful at their goals is that they are able to get back on track immediately.

Monday’s are the perfect way to stay on track- every time a Monday rolls around-you should definitely make a week goal. The idea of setting a week goal is to keep you focused on a short-term goal that is very simple and easy to achieve.

Here are some things you should seriously do on a Monday after a weekend binge:

1. Go to the Gym.

Never skip a Monday. Why? If you skip a Monday you are more likely to forego your routine for the rest of the week. It’s psychological; we see Monday’s as a “new” beginning or/and a fresh start. Don’t let yourself say things like, “Oh well, I will start over tomorrow.” ‘Cause we both know that won’t happen.

2. Wake up early.

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Get up early and have your meals and gym stuff organized. By getting up early, you will motivate yourself to want to do better and you will find yourself looking forward to the gym.

3. Get Hydrated.

Drink tons of water and tea. Chances are your body is still trying to recover from what you put in it over the weekend. You want to make sure you are fueling your body with the right resources to act and respond well for the remaining of the week.

4. Go to bed early.

Your time schedule is all screwed up from the weekend because you stayed out extra late and had to get up extra early. Your body is working twice as hard to keep your organs and immune system firing optimally. Give your body a break, and head to bed early on a Monday. This will also help you have a breezy Tuesday.

5. Disregard caffeine.

I know, you’re probably like, “omg, that’s a terrible idea” but caffeine works quite counter-productive. Meaning, the more you consume the more you need. And yes, need- it’s very addictive. You want your body to have to use it’s natural stress hormone to wake your body up.

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