5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

Improve your grey matter.
5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

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Essentially, opting out for a healthier diet will improve your health all around. A largely sourced vegetable diet is good for both your physical health and mental health. However, science has found particular foods (nutrients) help boost brain power. We decided to narrow those down and help you cover your bases.

1. DHA and EPA, two types of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Associated with lower risk in depression and better mood. These essential oils help with better expression of emotion and concentration. These fats cannot be produced by the body so it must be consumed from diet. Sources include salmon, trout, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut oil, and soya beans.

2. Iron enriched foods. 10% of women are anemic, and deficiencies of iron reduce memory, affect learning, and decreases attention spans. Restoring iron will also restore cognitive function. Sources include beans, beef, soy, and kale.

3.  Foods filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants clear up free radicals and protect neurons from damage. Sources include berries, spinach, green tea, and turmeric.

4. Complex carbohydrates on the low glycemic scale. The ability to concentrate and stay focused comes from a steady supply of energy. Complex carbohydrates provide that steady supply because it releases glucose into the blood stream slowly. Sources include: oats, brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, and buckwheat.

5. Magnesium enriched foods. According to the University of MIT, magnesium is proven to increase the functions of short and long term memory and also promotes connections between brain cells. Sources include walnuts, cashews, and almonds.

There are many other things that require healthy brain function including vitamins, minerals, and water. Having a varied diet with lots of healthy choices will help with faster learning, sharper thinking, and improve memory retention.