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5 Excellent Ways To Stay Stress Free During Finals

Don't go crazy this finals season.
5 Excellent Ways To Stay Stress Free During Finals

We’ve all been there, between midterms and finals it feels like we’re not going to make it out alive. Take it from me, with these five tricks, you’ll be coasting through the stress like a boss. Everyone else is going to hate you for being so calm while they’re running around with a crumpled essay in one hand, a spilling coffee in the other, and their shirts on backwards.

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In Yoga, we learn to handle stress on and off the mat. Not only does it keep your body looking fine as a fox, but it gives you more energy and makes you feel great! There are so many good yoga studios in Montreal that you can just walk in to, but did you know that every Lululemon store offers free yoga classes each week? Check your closest one for more deets.

Hint: If you’re not down, any cardio exercise can actually help chill you out.

Vitamin D and Green Tea

With less sunshine, we get less Vitamin D. Without vitamin D we become less energetic, more sluggish, and even depressed. Consider taking a supplement pill each day, or bundle up and go for a 10 minute walk in the sun. Green tea also helps make you happy by boosting your metabolism and flushing out all those nasty toxins you acquired during your weekend warrior battle at the pub.

Make Time For Your Friends

You might feel like you don’t have time, but every few days, text one of your friends for a short chill sesh. Not every Friday night has to end with you bursting in to tears on St. Laurent at 4am because you spotted your ex with a new chick and the heel of your shoe broke off in the middle of the dance floor. Consider grabbing a tea at café Myriade or having a chat at home with a bowl of soup instead. Your liver and your wallet will thank you.


Yeah, it’s not only for Buddhist monks anymore. Studies show that meditating for 15 minutes a day helps to clear your mind of any anxiety and negativity. How do you do it? It’s easy. Just don’t think. Stare at one spot, or close your eyes, and just focus on breathing deep and being still. If a thought comes, just observe it, and let it pass. You can also find thousands of guided meditations on Youtube that will calm you right down. It might seem strange, but you’ll thank me for this advice later. Just try it out.

Keep Life In Perspective

Earth is just a tiny planet in one of 100 BILLION galaxies, and you’re just one of seven billion people on earth, so breathe deep and enjoy the ride. Make lists to help yourself stay on track, but remember to laugh at yourself. If you get a B- instead of an A, and it feels like the world’s going to end, just remember, hey, you won’t care about that in 2 weeks, so just let it go. We’re here to have fun. It’s only life, people.

Got your own stress-killer that didn't make the list? Tell us what you do during finals in the comments below.

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