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5 Fall Foods You Need To Eat

Fall season is the best season for eating.
5 Fall Foods You Need To Eat

Moving from Summer to Fall can be a bit of a struggle, especially when it comes to food. The shining sun is no longer overhead to give us berries bursting with flavour or delicious street food. But with Fall comes the harvest, and there is some delicious dishes to eat up. Lets not forget the fantastic Fall-iday that is Thanksgiving, pretty much celebrated solely by eating. To get you your taste buds excited, here are five foods of the Fall season.

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Maple and Bacon, The Perfect Fall Fusion

So technically this counts as two foods, but maple and bacon work so well together I'm sure you'll let it slide. Maple bacon is a testament to this fact, although combining them yourself in a fall dish is a recipe for success. Walk the line between sweet and savory with an epic Maple and Bacon Upside Down Cake. A winner for any Fall potluck.

The Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin screams Fall, and no other Fall food is quite as versatile as the mighty pumpkin. Roast it for savory dishes, like pumpkin soup. Drink up pumpkin pleasure in a smoothie, or Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which seems to be the equivalent of crack for coffee lovers. And, of course, there is the pumpkin pie, the quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. Seriously, I think there's a bylaw in Thanksgiving celebration rules somewhere saying you NEED to have a pumpkin pie served, a regulation I can certainly deal with.

The Sweetest Potato

Even though sweet potatoes are naturally sugary, it doesn't mean they can't delve into the savory side of things. Sweet potatoes are awesome substitutions for your stereotypical spud. Enjoy at breakfast as a Sweet Potato Hash, perfectly paired with bacon and eggs.

Get Saucy With Cranberries

Cranberries are a great addition to nearly any Fall dish. Throw them in a salad for some sweet texture, or in a pork roast to sop up meaty juices. You really can't go wrong in the dessert department, as cranberries are ideal fillers for cookies, pancakes, and anything else you bake. The classic, of course, is cranberry sauce, a necessary turkey condiment.

An Apple A Day, Or At Least A Cocktail

Autumnal alcoholism is best accomplished with some delicious hard cider. Enjoy it in a cold pint glass at your favourite bar or microbrewery, or have it warm with a little liquor in the mix. Get creative and combine the two with a Apple Cider and Ginger Beer cocktail. Basically just mix the two (leaning towards more cider) and add a splash of vodka for extra kick.

Excited for the many flavours of Fall? Did your favourite Fall food or dish not make the list? Add your own in the comments below.

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