5 Female Celebs That Are Rich As F*ck And Have Zero Talent

No talent, lots of cash.
5 Female Celebs That Are Rich As F*ck And Have Zero Talent

With the grow of business in the social media industry, many individuals are making cash out with zero effort required.

Most of the following girls come from the entertainment industry. Their growth however took one hell of a postive turn (for them mainly) with social media platforms sponsored content.

Kylie Jenner

The 18-year-old girl is pretty much the legacy of the Kardashians/Jenner clan entertainment dominance. A few selfies and the day is done ! Wouhou thanks Kylie for the knowledge you bring to your community & fans.

Paris Hilton

When Paris Hilton started DJing, that's the moment we knew the music industry just took a pretty heavy hit. Let the smart people run the world Paris, we're done with your bullsh*t.

Kim Kardashian

Kanye do you take 17 showers a day since you're with Kim now? Well, at least she can take the D. That's not tragic, nor is it of any news actually.

Amber Rose

Sorry guys for the click bait, Amber Rose is ACTUALLY talented. She twerks really well ! Very rare talent.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has slept with half of the hip hop celebs. She was also a stripper. She was actually just featured in a video with Future, which is rather "sexy" let's simply say. A role model for everyone, good job Chyna, we're proud of you.

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