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5 Films You Need To See During The "Montreal Festival Du Nouveau Cinema"

Take a night off from studying and check out a movie.
5 Films You Need To See During The "Montreal Festival Du Nouveau Cinema"

Montrealers love good cinema and that’s a fact. This summer the city hosted The Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal and the Fantasia International Film Festival. Get ready for another collection of some of the best new films at the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema. The festival starts this Wednesday and goes until October 20 so you have plenty of time to take a break from studying for mid-terms and see at least one of these fantastic films. Whether it’s well known directors like Jacques Audiard or a recent film grad, you’re gonna see some good stuff.

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Au Nom Du Fils

Catholic priests who abuse their power and a once devout woman on a vigilante mission to cleanse the Church. Think Belgian version of Boondock Saints. This film is the most controversial on our list by far. Au Nom du Fils is about Elisabeth de la Baie, a religious radio talk show host who decides to deliver her own brand of justice when her son commits suicide and she discovers rampant pedophilia within the Church. The film is sure to be an intense bloodbath à la Tarantino.


How would you react if you were about to lose your career and one true passion? Triptyque takes place in Quebec City and tells the story of two sisters. Marie is a Jazz singer who is terrified to lose her ability to talk because of an upcoming brain surgery and her sister Michelle is a bookstore owner in Quebec City suffering from psychiatric problems. The movie won the official selection this year at TIFF so you know it’s gotta some solid cinema cred.


You can’t not come out and support one of our own! Mitchell Stafiej is a recent-grad from Concordia film school showing his first movie at the festival. The experimental film uses the medium of home videos to document the friends and family of a girl named Julie as they try to deal with her murder one year after it was captured on tape. Come out and support a homegrown cineaste.

Diego Star

You'll recognize the icy waters and snowy ground along the St. Lawrence in Diego Star. The movie is the first “Focus” film of the festival, which promotes Quebecois and Canadian films. The film, directed by Frédérick Pelletier, tells the story of Troaré, an Ivory Coast sailor, whose ship breaks down in the river and is stuck at the frigid dock in Lévis. I don't even want to imagine how cold that would be. Troaré is blamed for the breakdown and has to fight to clear his name of the engine room malfunction.

La Danse De La Réalité

Okay, you can at least get your act together to see La Danse de la Réalité, the film that’ll wrap up the festival. The film, dubbed an “imaginary autobiography” by the director, grapples with his childhood in Tocopilla, a town in the Chilean desert. The film looks pretty trippy with scenes of carnivals and skeleton masks.

What movies are you excited to see at the FNC?

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