5 Foods That Can Cause Women To Grow Moustaches

Movember much?!
5 Foods That Can Cause Women To Grow Moustaches

Girl, if you've been having peach fuzz issues, I'm here to help. Yes, it's Movember, but ladies shouldn't participate in this wonderful awareness month because it just ain't pretty. #sorrynotsorry

Turns out facial hair on women is a result of a combination of things such as genetics, stress levels, vitamin intake, etc. The main cause of female moustache, however, is DIET. There is a way to stop the peach fuzz by being more careful with the things we choose to eat. Technically, your lady moustache is totally your own fault. So here is a list of foods you should stop eating right now... or at least consume in moderation.

1. Eggs

Hair is primarily made of proteins and amino-acids. Eggs are the epitome of protein, so you should definitely slow down on your omelette brunches.

2. Pork

Lean meats like pork encourage facial hair growth.

3. Beef

Beef is also a powerful source of protein a.k.a. peach fuzz contributor.

Photo cred - Backyardchickens

4. Poultry

Chicken is known to contain lots of protein. It therefore encourages hair growth and is best to be avoided.

5. Tofu

Tofu and soy products will make your lady stache grow like there's no tomorrow.

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