5 Good Reasons You Should Stop Smoking Cigarettes In Montreal This Week

And your health isn't one of them.
5 Good Reasons You Should Stop Smoking Cigarettes In Montreal This Week

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This week is Quebec’s Tobacco Free Week, put on by the Québec Council on Tobacco and Health to bring awareness to the suffering experienced by smokers in the final stages of their lives due to smoking-related diseases.

While highlighting the life threatening diseases smoking can cause is a great reason to quit for a week, we’ve thought of five more reasons that you might not have considered.

1. You’ll Save So Much Money

The average Canadian smoker smokes 15.1 cigarettes per day, which means they’re smoking about 106 cigarettes every week. With the average 20 pack costing $18.70, you’re spending almost $100 a week on cigarettes alone. Just think of how many drinks you could buy with that instead.

2. It’s A New Excuse For Being In A Bad Mood

Everyone knows that someone who’s quitting smoking is bound to be in a bad mood from the nicotine withdrawal. So, if you happen to be extra rude to someone this week, you’ll have the perfect excuse in your back pocket. And since quitting is such a noble goal, chances are they won’t even be mad.

3. Up Your Chances Of Meeting Someone

Unless the other person is also a smoker, they’re most likely not going to appreciate the cigarette smell or chronic cough. So, if you’re trying to impress a potential new lady or gent, smelling super fresh can go a long way.

4. You Can Actually Taste Your Food Again 

After 48 hours of no smoking your nerve endings start to regrow, meaning your sense of smell and taste are going to come bouncing back. Remember that poutine that you thought was the greatest thing you’ve ever had? Just think of how good it’ll taste now.

5. Just to prove you can

We’re sure you’ve told plenty of your friends “I could quit if I want to”, well now’s your chance to prove it - even if it’s only for a week.

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