5 Ideas For A Scandalous Bachelor Party In Montreal

What happens in Montreal stays in Montreal.
5 Ideas For A Scandalous Bachelor Party In Montreal

So you’ve decided to tie the old knot huh? You popped the big question, you got through the nightmare that is planning the big day, so it’s now time to run away! Just kidding. You are marrying the person of your dreams and you can’t wait to start your lives together. But before any successful wedding can take place, a killer bachelor party must come first.

While Montreal is no stranger to a good time by any means, you’re looking for something a little more unique, a little more outside the box. Let’s be honest, you want something downright scandalous to pay proper tribute to your last night as a free agent. There’s no shame in that. You only get one bachelor party (ideally) in your lifetime, so might as well make it one you’ll never forget. The following 5 ideas for a Montreal bachelor party definitely fall into that category.

1. Naked Sushi

A man’s gotta eat, right? Sure, a fat juicy steak is delicious, but you can have one of those anytime. Eating sushi off a naked woman, though, does not happen everyday. Combining the beautiful and delicate flavours of fresh, raw fish with the undeniable allure of the female form is a match made in bachelor heaven. And it’s more artistic than you might think. The prep time behind suiting up the models can take over an hour, and the models then have to remain motionless for a really long time (sometimes up to 3 hours)!

2. Twisted Stripper and Topless Beer Pong

What better way to have some naughty fun than to play the adult version of everyone’s favourite game growing up – Twister! Anyone can hire some regular strippers to do a little dance and shake their booty around, but when’s the last time you played Twister, and more specifically with naked women? Exactly. You then have the option to combine this with another one of your favourite pastimes: topless beer pong! Is your imagination running wild yet?

3. Private VIP party at a hotel or club/supperclub

What happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal. This city gets pretty wild on any given night, but your bachelor party is not just any night. You want to skip lines, drink premium bottle service, eat good food, flirt with sexy hostesses, listen to a live DJ, and enjoy variety of entertainment. Throw in the privacy of a rented club where you can get as rowdy as you want, and you've got yourself the ultimate bachelor party. Montreal Nightlife puts everything right at your fingertips.

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4. Topless poker / blackjack

You’ve already played your cards right and won the woman of your dreams, so what’s a little gambling with your boys….and some topless dealers. Whether your game is Hold ’em or 21, any card game is instantly made better with the introduction of bare bosoms. That said, hope you got a good poker face, because the temptation to be distracted will be real.

 5. Hiring a ....unique host

While you are, as the bachelor, the center of attention, it doesn’t mean you want the responsibility of being the host. So why not hire a professional, and poke some fun at yourself at the same time. Like letting strippers blindfold you, tie your hands to the bedposts, and manning up as a little person host with boxing gloves knocks you around a little (ever so lightly) for pure shits and giggles. Ya, that’s actually a thing.

Bachelor parties are supposed to be unadulterated fun, where all the groom-to-be has to worry about is enjoying himself. One way to spoil the party though, is having to deal with all the stress and guesswork of organizing it. Ain’t no one got time for that! That’s why you hire the professional services of Montreal Nightlife, the city’s leading event planning and management company, to do all of the work for you. They’ll handle the details and coordinating, so you don’t have to, including any of the ideas mentioned above. Got something else in mind, Montreal Nightlife will make it happen, creating and customizing your perfect night with only the best in VIP treatment wherever you go.

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