5 Incredible Mini Compact Homes From Around The World

House porn you could actually afford.
5 Incredible Mini Compact Homes From Around The World

Photo cred - Imgur

House porn isn't a new thing, blogs and websites are always showcasing the most insanely luxurious homes they can find. But they're always showing places you could never afford even in your wildest dreams.

Which is why we've decided to do a different kind of house porn for homes you could realistically own one day, tiny house porn. These micro homes have been specially designed to take full advantage of the space they occupy. They all have their own unique original layout to give the occupant the maximum amount of comfort.

Here are some of the coolest ones we've found:

1. Manhattan Micro Loft

A compact 4 level apartment with a 450 square foot footprint on the Upper West Side in New-York

2. Mini Lakehouse

Mini 3 level lake house complete with garage door wall, mezzanine, private boat dock and a Murphy bed style kitchen with folding walls.

3. Idaho Compact Home

Idaho-based architect Macy Miller longed for a place of her own, but didn't want to pay a mortgage so she decided instead to build her own compact home.

4. Mini Triangle Loft

The owner wanted to build a house but could only afford a tiny triangular lot. By adding 3 levels of windows and removing the walls, the place feels much larger.

5. Tiny Luxury House

This amazingly efficient home only takes up 280 square feet. It has a mezzanine you could actually stand up in and a full size jacuzzi tub.

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