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5 Insane Montreal Food Challenges You Need To Try With Friends

These eats are feats.
5 Insane Montreal Food Challenges You Need To Try With Friends

As we’ve talked about over and over again, there’s a lot of amazing food in Montreal, and we enjoy it quite a bit. However, if you REALLY love Montreal food, you can prove it at these restaurants. They offer intimidating challenges that reward you for being able to eat dishes that are difficult to consume because of their size, taste, or both. None of these are easy, but they’re all worth taking on, even if it's only for the bragging rights. Here are the best Montreal food challenges.

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Various Locations

The eating contest at this Irish pub is called the “Rim Reaper Challenge,” and if you try it, you’re sure to find out that it earns its name. In under an hour, you have to eat twelve wings doused in a sauce flavoured with the infamous ghost pepper, which was for a long time considered to be the hottest pepper in the world. If you can make it through all of them, you’ll get a t-shirt, your name on their Wall of Flame, and a lot of quality time with the bathroom(s) of your choosing.

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El Zaziummm

1276 Avenue Laurier Est

This Tex-Mex place has a lot of delicious offerings on their menu, but you’d be hard pressed to actually enjoy their food challenge if you try to eat the whole thing. It’s called Le Monstre, and it consists of the largest chicken burger known to man (yes, we have tried all of the chicken burgers known to man). If you can get one in your stomach, you’ll get a free t-shirt, but we can’t promise that it’ll fit if you actually eat this thing.

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Jukebox Burgers

11798 Boulevard Salaberry

If you’re a fan of Epic Meal Time, you’ll want to give the food challenge here a shot. It’s called the Epic Meal Time Challenge, and it is, well, an epic meal. The order consists of 2 burger patties, mac and cheese, chili, smoked meat, pepperoni, 2 bacon grilled cheeses, poutine, and a milkshake. If you polish that all off, you’ll get a t-shirt for your troubles, but what you’ll really want is a place to throw up.

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Broadway Cheesecake

Various Locations

There are only a few things we love more than cheesecake, and one of them is free cheesecake. Thankfully, we know a way to get your hands on some—just eat one of their Triple Decker Burgers. Sound easy? Maybe it does now, but it certainly won’t when you find out that it contains three 8 oz. patties, three bun slices, eight slices of bacon, two grilled sausages, four onion rings, three kinds of cheese, veggies, and sauce. Still, we love the cheesecake here so much that it’s well worth the struggle.

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Morty’s Steakhouse and Catering

5395 Chemin Queen Mary

The prices are pretty high here, but not if you’ve got the stomach for a gigantic steak. They serve a 70 ounce ribeye that you’ll get for free if you can finish the whole thing by yourself. Unlike the other challenges, you won’t get any souvenirs for your efforts other than a whopping increase in your cholesterol.

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