5 Fashion Items Every Montreal Man Needs For Winter

Your winter season must-haves.
5 Fashion Items Every Montreal Man Needs For Winter

Winter is coming...Classic heh? No for real, it is coming. Everyone is slowly preparing for the snow, the colds, the intense winds, anything that makes winter such an enjoyable time in Montreal, right?

Every Montrealer is also wondering right now if they're wardrobe will be ready for the season of snow storms. Well, if it isn't yet, here are a few items you actually really need to look good as fvck this winter.

Opened Up Winter Trench Coat

NO, you will not freeze if you leave your coat open. Why? Because you're prepared son. A few sweaters closed down under the coat protecting yourself from snow and the cold will able you to keep your trench coat opened up and real styliiiish.

Proper Stylish Boots/Sneakers

Good looking boots are key to a nice outfit in winter. You can find some good stuff at Foot Locker but I definitely suggest going online for proper boots that will be useful for a few winter.

Good Looking Sunglasses

People always think sunglasses are much more useful in summer, but I personally use them most during winter. Here's where you can find the dopest looking frames in Montreal.

Photo cred - etsy

Nice Warm Scarf

A nice scarf is the perfect accessory to a dope outfit in the winter season. Simons downtown Montreal has a great choice of comfortable, stylish scarfs.

Quality Leather Gloves

So important. Stop buying 1$ cheap gloves you guys will probably lose or destroy in a matter of hours. Go for quality leather gloves in any good store downtown and take care of them. Best avenue here is to mix leather boots with leather gloves, instant style.