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5 Last Minute Montreal Moving Services

Don't be stuck on July 1st.
5 Last Minute Montreal Moving Services

Photo cred - Andre Forget/Canadian Press

Everyone needs to move now and again, and finding a good, trustworthy, fair-priced moving service can sometimes be a tough process. The big companies mentioned are a part of the Canadian Association of Movers or Association des demenageurs du Quebec , are fully insured, above board, etc. The small ones were personally used by MTLblog staff. The Craigslist options are just a link to the constantly changing page of "labor & moving" on Montreal's Craigslist -- probably some good movers to be found. With all movers, always ask for a written estimate, contact, and photograph all your belongings beforehand just to be safe.

Small Movers Used By MTLblog

Small Movers Montreal: The Transporter

  • One look at Archie's website gives you all you need to know. This guy has is strong, smart, nice, and fair. His crew are good, his prices are excellent, and his knowledge of furniture assembly/disassembly is top-notch.


  • The name is great, the movers are great, and the price is reasonable. These guys are packing a 20'' truck, lots of soft furniture wraps, good moving experience, and definitely a great attitude.

 Craigslist "labor & moving"

  • It's Craiglist, so use at your own caution and discretion. It does look like there's a lot of decent offers here though, certainly for the price.
  • Link

Canadian Assoc. of Movers/Association des demenageurs du Quebec

Photo cred - Graham Hughes/Canadian Press

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