5 Metro Stations Every Montrealer Hates With A Passion

Why is it 75 degrees at Guy-Concordia ?!
5 Metro Stations Every Montrealer Hates With A Passion

Every Montrealer had to take a few times the metro during their time in the city. We've all been stuck in there a few minutes per day at least if we don't actually drive, which can be a total mess in the middle of downtown.

Let's see which metro stations every Montrealer hates with a passion -


What the hell is that HUGE transportation tool at Beaudry station!?! Can we even call it an escalator?

I swear it feels like you're walking up there for straight 35 minutes. We're not even sure what to call it, it's longer than any airport escalators I have ever seen in my life! Also, that sketchy corner.


Lionel-Groulx pretty much looks like a bunch of roads suddenly mixed together. With over 4 different avenues going through it it's just ridiculously packed all the time and you have to run from line to line non stop.

You're also never actually sure if your own metro is coming or the one above, or the one behind, or even the one below.


Snowdown has pretty much been in construction for five years straight. Through the noise, you might also get mugged. Not too uncommon stuff. Great things, just lovely.


SO MANY PEOPLE. The center of our whole metro system is pretty much a nightmare anytime you go through it in rush hours.

When I'm talking nightmare, I'm talking straight asian traffic level. God damnnn people, move!


I swear it is god damn 75 degrees down in that metro station. I'm fairly sure nobody gets out of there alive if they decide to be brave and keep their sweaters on.

Gods of the STM, please help us survive our trips to school.