5 Montreal Activities You Can Sneak Beers Into

Drink up before the summer's up.
5 Montreal Activities You Can Sneak Beers Into

The summer is coming to an end, so we might as well soak up the the sun and liquor as fast as we can. Sometimes when one is feeling slightly tipsy, it's a lot more fun to be in public. There's so many opportunities to make new friends!

Here are 5 summer activities that you can easily sneak beers into in Montreal:

1. Public Pools

Laying out with a nice drink is the best during the summer, but the only available pool-bars are at hotels or at beach club. So have a nice daytime drink at any public pool. Of course it's better to frequent one that's not filled with kids ex: Baldwin Swimming pool on Rachel is a good option. Also drinking from a can is always less threatening than a bottle, plus you can buy one of those foam can covers.

2. Festivals/Block Parties

There are so many ethnic festivals and block parties during the summer, wouldn't it be nice to enjoy them with a beer in your hand? Those festivals have great food served up right on the street and all kinds of interesting people. The big ones like Just for Laughs are not the best ones for that, but the smaller ones like Vues d'Afrique and any kind of block parties are perfect for bringing your beers along.

3. Super Aqua Club

It's an awesome summer activity, and these water parks only get better with age. There's nothing better than to roam around an assortment of crazy water slides and pools with a bunch of friends and actually be tall enough to do all of them. Lazy river + cocktail= paradise in MTL.

Photo cred - NYULocal

4.Walk in the park

Taking an evening walk in the cool end-of-summer breeze is an ideal moment to chill outside with a couple friends and have a beer. The only thing is the parks close at eleven so you could get a ticket for being there after a certain time. Especially the West Island dwellers who know all too well how annoying Pubes (public security) can be.

5. Stroll on a closed street

In reality you don't need to be doing any kind of events to enjoy an evening of low-cost public drinking. A simple walk down St-Denis on a warm night is the ideal time and place to relax and see the city. The best is when the streets are closed to car traffic and the streets are basically poppin' with people.