5 Montreal Bars & Cafés Where You Can Actually Take Your Dogs To

Montreal is quite low on the pet friendly totem poll compared to other cities, yet there are a few entrepreneurs that are blazing a trail and creating pet friendly businesses that welcome all guests, including your furrier four-legged friends. Don't spend another Saturday night chowing down on General Tao while watching a rerun of friends on Netflix while Fido is snoring away at your feet.

From pet friendly pubs to dog friendly cafes check out my guide to the very pet best of Montreal…

1. Pain d'Épi

3296 Rue Saint Antoine O, Montréal, QC H4C 1A7

Get the goods fresh from the oven and share a treat with your furry friend on Pain d'Epi's quaint terrace! These treats are unbeatable! Locals love to indulge in these fresh baked breads and desserts! I'm being a bit vague about the goods themselves because they're all fantastic! No need for specifics here!


2. St-Ambroise Terrasse

5080 Rue St-Ambroise, Montreal, Quebec, H4C 2G1

The St-Ambroise Terrasse, located along the Lachine Canal, is a dog-friendly terrace that serves fresh, local beer and cider, along with your favorite bar food and snacks such as grilled burgers, and nachos. Don't be surprised if the staff brings out a bowl of water for your furry friend. Just be sure to keep your dog on its leash.


Photo cred - foursquare.com

3. Brasseur de Montréal

1485 Rue Ottawa , Montréal , QC H3C 1S9

Located in the historic district of Griffintown, it is one of the largest industrial micro breweries in Montreal. Enjoy a comforting and satisfying culinary experience where you can choose from a wide selection of dishes at affordable prices. Be sure to make reservations seeing that dogs are only allowed on the terrace and there is a limited amount of space.


4. Burgundy Lion

2496 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3J 1N5

Burgundy Lion doesn't have a policy that says yes or no to dogs, but as per the staff, they are always willing to let a leashed, well-behaved four-legged patron onto their front or back terrace. This popular british pub's staff was welcoming enough to let our little English bully, not once, but several times, accompany us into their pub to dine on either of their terraces. They even treated him to a doggy sized portion of scrambled eggs served in the company of our breakfast dishes. The staff was incredibly kind and they made our little four-legged companion feel like one of the regulars.


5. Old Port - De La Commune Street

The Old Port is generally the place to be on a summer day or night when the weather is warm. Terraces are open and the drinks are flowing. At most of the terraces on De La Commune your small or large four-legged friend is welcome. Although none of the restaurants, bars, or cafes has a dog policy in place, the staff tends to turn a blind eye to your pooch as long as he remains on his leash and is well behaved. I usually just tie my furry friend to one of the legs of my chair and he lies down until the bill is paid. Some of the staff is enough kind enough to bring him a bowl of water or a small ‘doggie entrée’ to reward his good behaviour.