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5 Montreal Companies Hiring You To Work From Home Right Now

In today's dynamic and complex society, and with the growing need and want for flexibility and freedom what could be better than working from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world as a matter of fact!

Well these companies offer that very flexibility. Unfortunately their concept of freedom has been very misunderstood and often portrayed as a pyramid scheme. But after much research, meetings and first hand experiences I can assure you they are far from it and the benefits are endless.

For each and everyone of these companies you are in control of how well you succeed and what direction the job will take you. Whether it is to reach a highly respected position within the company or simply generate a second income its all down to you.

What is fantastic is there is almost a company that corresponds to every type of person, according to their passions and interests. It is true the majority of workers were once and are customers at the same time and either have fallen so much in love with their products that it just seemed so simple and natural to share it with others.

Now how many of you are constantly promoting bars, restaurants and clothes that you have experienced and loved through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook? Well imagine being payed for it! Not only do you earn commission but in the running for bonuses and promotions. Here are a list of just a few of the many reputed companies appearing and offering this in Quebec:

1. Juice Plus+

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This company prides themselves in helping people get the nutrition of 30 fruit, vegetables and grains into your diet and even provide a vegan, gluten free plant based protein alternative to the whey protein on the market. They even have a fantastic low maintenance fruit and vegetable garden which requires no soil, no weeds, no pesticides, no herbicides and just perfect all year round and a Montreal condo.

Where do you apply? It is as simple as signing up with a local representative. As with all these companies you become a member of a team and are lead to success as much and as little as you want by your teamies. If healthy nutrition is your thing and whether you want to get into good health or help others this is the company for you. You can contact a representative here in Québec through this link.


2. Younique

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Make-up is huge at the moment, between contouring techniques and creating long and natural looking lashes. Well this online company is offering it all with a famous unique mascara and renown foundation. The quality of the product speaks for itself and trust me when I say as soon as you try it all your friends will be begging you for some.

Where do you apply? Again it is as simple as contacting a local representative through this link, to join her team or just simply make an order for yourself.

3. Asea

Une photo publiée par Eric & Jessica Jurmu (@cellf_health_with_asea) le

For those of your addicted to energy drinks or coffee here is a healthy and natural alternative to getting your daily energy hit. The company doesn't just pride themselves on the purity and magic of their drink but also their skin products performing wonders against aging and scars. The proof speaks for itself, with billions around the globe benefiting from the affects. The products are so well thought after that they are even used and supported by Hank Palmer a Canadian Athlete based here in Montreal.

Where do you apply? It is as simple as clicking the link and contacting your local representative to become part of this growing Asea family.

4. It Works!

Une photo publiée par Abbey (@abbey_onfire) le

Another great company, renowned for their wraps. As many of you have seen, wraps have been taking the health industry by storm with their quick solution to tackling, stubborn fat, cellulite, and scars in difficult places around the body. I think the image above simply speaks for itself! With bikini season already here I am sure if you try this and it really works, as supported by billions of testimonies around the world, your friends and family will be buying them off you by the dozen. And remember with social media at your finger tips the world is your oyster.

Where do you apply? Again it as simple as clicking on this link and sending a message to your local representative. So click away and open a door to a number of possibilities.

5. Usborne Children's Books

Une photo publiée par Usborne Children's Books (@usborne_books) le

For those of you who don't see yourself selling health and beauty products, what about beautifully crafted children's books? Usborne Books are a worldwide renown company that allows you to sell children's books to whoever, wherever in Canada and by whatever means, of course within reason! So if you are passionate about reading or passing this love and skill onto the younger generation this is the company for you.

Where do you apply? It is as simple as clicking this link to contact a representative to get started.

6. Yourself!

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That's right you read it correctly, why not create your own branding and blog, and share your opinions with the world. With the world of social media and internet interactions, now has never been a better time then ever to be heard. All you have to do is create and decide on an image, project through all forms of communication, develop your strengths, work on your weaknesses and be inspired by the world. As soon as you create a following, your pages will be in high demand for advertising and before you know it you will have created your own company.

Whatever company you decide is for you, remember, don't work for a living, work for a life!

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