5 Montreal Neighbourhoods Rank In The Top 25 Richest Canadian Neighbourhoods

Photo cred - Denyse Béchard

We all want to be rich and glamorous, but for certain neighborhoods in Montreal and Canada, being able to make it rain is a reality, and not just a dream. Canada Business ranked all of Canada's richest 'hoods, and five of them hail from Montreal. Unsurprisingly, they're all in Westmount. To get a sense of just how baller folk in Westmount are, check out the where the 5 'hoods included in CB's list rank in relation to the rest of Canada below:

Top 25 in all of Canada

  1. The Bridle Path, Toronto
  2. York Mills-Windfields, Toronto
  3. Sunnybrook, Toronto
  4. Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver
  5. Summit Park, Westmount, Montreal
  6. Forest Hill South & UCC, Toronto
  7. Kerrisdale, Vancouver
  8. Lawrence Park North, Toronto
  9. Lexington Avenue, Westmount, Montreal
  10. Sunnyside & Edgehill, Westmount, Montreal
  11. Kerrisdale Park, Vancouver
  12. King George Park, Westmount, Montreal
  13. West Bay & Sandy Cove, West Vancouver
  14. Shaughnessy Centre, Vancouver
  15. Aberdeen & Forden, Westmount, Montreal
  16. Britannia, Calgary
  17. Bel-Aire & Mayfair, Calgary
  18. Eagle Ridge, Calgary
  19. Mount Royal, Calgary
  20. Roxboro, Calgary
  21. South Tuxedo, Winnipeg
  22. Tuxedo Park, Winnipeg
  23. Old Tuxedo, Winnipeg
  24. Heubach Park, Winnipeg
  25. Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

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