5 Montreal Restaurants To Take Your Date On Valentine's Day

Special V-Day menus from the city's best restos.
5 Montreal Restaurants To Take Your Date On Valentine's Day

Finding the perfect restaurant to take your special guy/gal/whoever can be kind of stressful. You want to go somewhere special, with a great ambiance, great food, and, of course, nowhere that will break the bank. Stop worrying and get ready to make some reservations because we've got 5 restaurants that will make your V-Day dinner extra special.

In the name of love, the five listed restaurants are taking a break from Le Chop 2014, the two month-long culinary event currently ongoing. Le Chop will be back on after Valentine's Day weekend, with the special menus back for you to enjoy, so don't worry if you haven't tasted a Le Chop dish yet.

Now, get prepped for Valentine's and make it a night to remember!

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1476 rue Crescent

Classy and modern, Newtown will definitely make your date feel special. With two different floors (Lounge and Restaurant), Newtown offers a great amount of variety to your night. To make V-Day extra special, Newtown will be offering a gourmet three course menu from Feb. 13-15 for $49, including jazz trio, Street Meat, serenading you.

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Weinstein & Gavino's

1434 Rue Crescent

We already know this classic Italian eatery can make a mean pizza pie, but they can deliver on romantic meals too. W&G will be serving a special "Saint-Valentin a L'Italienne" menu from $28-42. Italians are known for their passion, and we're sure this Italian V-Day meal will make your night just as romantic.

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1077 Drummond

Microbrewery and French bistro combined, DECCA 77 will also be the perfect setting for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner. DECCA 77 will be serving a special "Love at First Sight" four course menu for $70. Reap the benefits of DECCA 77's extensive wine list by having your meal professionally paired with wine for an extra $40.

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L’Atelier d’Argentine

355 Rue Marguerite d'Youville

Spice up your Valentines with some Argentinian flair at L’Atelier d’Argentine and their 'Te Quiero Tango' V-Day special. Enjoy a romantic Argentinian 4-course meal for $60, paired with wine for an extra $40, and live tango at no extra charge. Better yet, reserve the chef table for a culinary Argentinian excursion and be entered to win a chance to spend a night in a luxury hotel.

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Guido et Angelina

690 Rue Saint- Catherine

Simple, yet still elegant, Guido et Angelina can be your perfect Valentine's Day spot, especially if you like Italian food. The V-Day menu is quite varied, and affordable, giving you a lot of options and plenty to eat. The meal includes soup, chef or panzanella sald, a dessert to finish, and one of these main dishes:

  • Pizza w/grilled chicken, mushrooms, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and goat cheese ($19)
  • Linguini w/sautéed shrimps in white wine and garlic, green olives, leeks, anchovies, cherry tomato ($22)
  • Fine Herb Trout, a filet with fines herbs topped with a fried capers and field berry vinaigrette, served with black rice and green beans
  • Angus Bavette, a grilled Angus beef flank with parsley salsa, served with home style potatoes and roasted vegetables ($24)

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