5 Montreal Streets Where You Definitely Won't Get Hit By A Car

Photo cred - Ed Bilodeau

Fellow pedestrians, this is a happy day for us and the legs we use to get around everywhere. We have won more territory in our ever-ongoing battle against the two tons of steeled death drivers call cars, as the City of Montreal has announced plans to remake 5 streets in the city into full pedestrian-zones, reports CBC.

A full 1.1km of walk-able land will be added to the Montreal pedestrian network, as the City of Montreal aims to remake the following 5 stretches of streets into car (and potentially bus and bike) free zones by 2017. The streets are:

  • Ontario, from Valois Street to Bourbonnière Avenue (map)
  • Beaubien, from Saint-Denis to Boyer (map)
  • Castelneau, from Gaspé to Henri-Julien (map)
  • Stanislas Street, from Londres Street to parallel end of Stanislas (map)
  • Park-Stanley Avenue, from Berri Street to Durham (map)

Specific details on the newly crowned pedestrian streets, like if they will be shared with buses and bikes or open seasonally vs. all-year, have yet to be decided. The city still needs to iron out the details on all that, but regardless, Montreal is getting greener and more pedestrian-friendly this year, with all streets planned to be fully finished by Montreal's 375th anniversary in 2017.