5 Montreal Things To Do With Your BFF This Weekend

Awesome times ahead.
5 Montreal Things To Do With Your BFF This Weekend

Ah, friendship. Is there any better relationship? Well, yes, actually - best friendship. True talk: having a BFF (or two) is a magical thing. Mainly because it's awesome to have someone in your life who gets you... but also because it's super great to have someone in your life who you can do awesome things with. And, as this weekend is fast approaching, there are a couple of awesome things you and your BFF should totally be doing. Read on for 5 Montreal Things To Do With Your BFF This Weekend.

1. Go HAM on some grilled cheese

Two Montreal restaurants are serving up different, unique grilled cheeses every day of the month in November. Translation? Break out the stretchy pants and go beast with your bestie.

2. Treat your BFF to a show

There are tons of affordable shows going on this month. Which means that you and your best friend can enjoy some pretty legit music for some pretty legit prizes. And, you know. You can earn extra BFF points by springing for their ticket.

3. Enjoy Vegan delicacies at the Montreal Vegan Festival

Happening this weekend at Marche Bonsecours, Montreal's own Vegan Festival is the perfect place to nosh on some vegan snacks, watch a film, take a mini-class, or enjoy any one of many awesome events. Make sure to grab your BFF, though, as this event is best enjoyed together.

4. Go to the MTL Blog Secret Loft Party

If you and your BFF are looking for an awesome party, look no further than right here. Grab your wingman/wingwoman and enjoy an open bar and a super fun time, courtesy of MTL Blog. Just don't forget to buy your tickets before they run out.

5. Don't miss out on Montreal á Table

Your last weekend to enjoy Montreal's very own restaurant extravaganza is fast approaching. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are your last days to enjoy top notch food from top notch Montreal restaurants at a reduced price. So grab your bestie, pick a place, and prepare to bond over delicious food. Really, is there any better type of bonding?

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