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5 More Montreal Metro Stations Are (Finally) Getting Elevators

There's a lot of good to Montreal's metro network. As a public transit service, the metro is reliable, speedy, and fairly cost-effective. But there is one major issue that plagues the STM's many metro stations: a serious lack of elevators.

With many stations diving deep into the underground, and plenty of stairs/escalators taking you down to the actual trains, the city's metro network isn't easily traversable for those with limited mobility.

To be blunt, Montreal's metro network is completely biased towards physically able individuals. Basically, if you're young, healthy, and can climb several flights of stairs, you're fine. But even if you have the slightest difficulty with mobility, then almost any metro station can give you some serious trouble.

That goes quadruple for anyone in a wheelchair, for while almost all metro stations have escalators next to none are equipped with functioning elevators. One look at a retouched STM metro map that only showcases stations with working elevators will demonstrate this alarming fact.

Somewhat fortunately, this serious problem for those with physical disabilities will be somewhat ameliorated in the near future, as the STM has announced five more metro stations will be given elevators.

Announced yesterday during an STM press conference, Montreal's public transit company stated that, by 2020, five elevators will be installed in metro stations that currently lack the device. The stations in question are Mont Royal, Snowdown, Rosemont, Viau, and Vendome, reports Global Montreal.

Many will realize that Vendome metro is connected to the MUHC Superhospital, and the fact that a station connected to a major health care centre lacks an elevator is almost unfathomable. And yet here we are, with an elevator in Vendome set to be built by 2019.

With the addition of these stations, the total number of elevators in the metro network will jump up to 12...out of 68. Obviously the STM still has a ways to go before the Montreal metro network becomes truly accessible to every citizen, not matter their physical ability.

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