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5 New Montreal Boroughs Will Be Getting BIXI Bikes Next Year

Bikes for all!
5 New Montreal Boroughs Will Be Getting BIXI Bikes Next Year

Since it's launch back in 2009 Bixi's presence has grown across the city of Montreal. What's not to love about an open and public bike system?

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Ridership has fluctuated over the years, but the good news is 2018 ridership has increased by 10%.

Afterall, Bixi and just biking, in general, is a great and health conscious way to get around the city in the summer.

Even Val Plate, Mayor of Montreal is a regular Bixi user. But Montreal is a big city, and there are still many boroughs that are neglected by the Bixi public bike system.

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Bixi has good news for some areas os Montreal, though. Next year, they are planning to expand and open 60 new stations. 

For example, the residents of Anjou, Lachine, Montreal-Nord, Saint-Laurent, and Saint-Léonard, will all be able to enjoy Bixi service next summer.

It won't be cheap, though. The city of Montreal has to spend big bucks to make it happen, 4.7 million to be exact. Ouch. 

It's worth it, as there is a strong need for more bikes in the city.  The people have spoken and they love Bixi!

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