5 Reasons Why Ghosting Is The New Goodbye

Because no one wants to explain themselves anymore.
5 Reasons Why Ghosting Is The New Goodbye

Ghosting is defined in the Urban Dictionary, as the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone without any real explanation or reason. It’s also the act of disappearing on your friends without notice. For example, you’re at a party and you do not feel like saying bye to everyone, so you just leave. It has because the norm in social standards of Generation Y… And this is why we should all go with it.

1. You avoid people asking you where you're going.

Who cares where i'm're not invited to come.

2. You avoid people giving you "the guilt trip".

You're leaving? But it's my birthday HOW could you? Umm because I want to leave.

3. You don't waste time.

Time is money, by ghosting you don't have to say bye to everybody, you're just gone.

4. It doesn't  come with any consequences.

You're actually not that important, when you ghost most of the time people won't question why you're gone .

5. You don't create a precedent for others to leave the party.

Often times, people want to leave the party they're at but don't want to be the first ones to go ...So they always wait for that one person to leave to then be the follower. By ghosting, you don't create a chain reaction for others to leave since they don't know you actually left.