5 Of The Craziest Boozy Slushies You Can Get In Montreal

Cool off, get turnt.
5 Of The Craziest Boozy Slushies You Can Get In Montreal

Guys, hot weather has reached Montreal (finally!). Of course, this means that it's time to chill, live your life, bask in the sun, and (responsibly) enjoy a good, old-fashioned alcoholic beverage.

Actually, scratch that. Don't enjoy a good old-fashioned alcoholic beverage; spice it up. Live your life. Cool yourself down with something awesome, friends - like any one of these delicious boozy beverages.

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1. Ice Ice Baby at Nacho Libre

913 Rue Beaubien E

This drink features a very simple concept, executed perfectly for maximum summer enjoyment. Vodka, triple sec, and any Mr. Freeze you so desire goes into this summer cocktail - as well as a delicious marshmallow spear, so you know this drink is pretty much fun in a glass. Plus, you know, it's from Nacho Libre, which are pretty much ace at making yummy, unique drinks for us to enjoy.


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2. Tiffany & Co. at Candi Bar

1148 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Slated to reopen super soon, Candi Bar has a wide array of slushy, sweet drinks for you to enjoy. Their best one, though? Hands down the Tiffany & Co., with raspberry vodka, raspberry slush, and blue curaçao, served with a Ring Pop on the side (of course). This drink is fun, fresh, tasty, and even comes with edible jewellery. Is there anything better in life? (Answer: No. No there is not).


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3. Mr. Freeze at Pot Masson

3141 Rue Masson

Try not to scream in excitement as I describe this drink to you guys. Pot Masson's Mr. Freeze drink features raspberry vodka, triple sec, lemonade, and a deliciously cold Mr. Freeze, right in the glass for you guys to enjoy. As if this wasn't mind-blowing enough, Pot Masson also adds a fluffy, sweet chunk of cotton candy, making for one seriously sugary - and awesome - way to enjoy your alcohol.


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4. Mason Jar Coctails at La Belle et La Boeuf

1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

At this stage in the game, we all know La Belle et La Boeuf for its fun, fresh, vibrant atmosphere. Their food is awesome, and their drinks are quite possibly even better. For a super refreshing surprise, though, enjoy any one of their Mason Jar Cocktails, which feature their delicious drinks (my personal fave is the John Lemon, with vodka, Southern Comfort, iced tea, and peach puree) under a block of chunky, slushy ice. All the yums? You know it.


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5. Watermelon Tequila Slushy at Your House

When in doubt, do it yourself. This recipe for a refreshing, delicious drink is totally guaranteed to cool you TF down during those super hot summer days. And, since you're making it yourself, you get to control exactly how much alcohol you put into your drink. (Lots.)

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