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5 Other VIA Rail Discounts You Can Get If You Missed Out On The $150 Youth Pass

Yesterday, VIA Rail attempted to sell unlimited Youth Passes for $150. The only problem was that they didn't expect half the country to want one. 

So after their website crashed a few times, VIA Rail decided to limit their offer to 1867 passes in total, which sold out very quickly

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Understandably Canadians were pissed off as you can see from these tweets

But the youth pass isn't the only discount VIA Rail offer. They have many other discount passes available. 

They may not be as cheap as $150, but some offer up to 50% off and unlike the youth pass, many of these are available for people over the age of 25. 

via @viarailcanada

Travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific or anywhere on the VIA network in Economy class with the Canrailpass System. The Canrailpass gives you the choice between a set number of one-way trips or unlimited travel, either Canada-wide or within a specific region. 

1. Canrailpass

Price: Starting at $299

Click here for more info.

2. Transferable BizPak

This pass entitles you to 30, 50 or 100 one-way credits for travel within Quebec City - Windsor corridor in Economy class or in Business class.

Price: 132.00 per month (Minimum 12 months)

Click here for more info.

3. BizPak

The regular BizPak, entitles you to 10 one-way credits for travel between two pre-determined cities in Economy class or 6 one-way credits in Business class.

Price: Starting at $330

Click here for more info.

4. VIA 6 pak for youth (ages 12-25)

If you're under 25 or you have a Student ID, you can buy a 6 pack of tickets at 50%. The VIA 6 pak is available for trips between a wide variety of stations.

Price: Starting at $175

Click here for more info.

5. Unlimited Semester Pass for youth (ages 12-25)

This pass lets you hit the tracks anytime, any day during your school semester.

Choose between the pass which allows unlimited travel throughout the entire Québec City-Windsor corridor, or the one which allows unlimited travel between Kingston and Windsor, or Kingston and Québec City.

Price: Starting at $499

Click here for more info.

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