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5 Places To Learn Body-Shredding Kettlebell Workouts In Montreal

Be part of the kettlebell revolution.
5 Places To Learn Body-Shredding Kettlebell Workouts In Montreal

What's not to love about kettlebells?Don't be fooled by their dorky appearance. Kettlebells may look like something you use to make tea, but when done right, kettlebell training is one of the most effective workouts you could ever put your muscles through. They pack quite a punch, in fact they're favoured as a physical conditioning tool by the Russian military because they adapt perfectly to short, high-intensity workouts. And, if crowded gyms aren't your thing, they'll barely take up space in your home. (Buh-bye, elliptical machine.)

The tricky bit? Making sure you're doing it correctly.  So, once you're ready to join the kettlebell revolution, consider one of these amazing training facilities. 

1. Agatsu Academy

202 Prom Ronald, Montreal West

Owner Shawn Mozen is considered a pioneer of kettlebell training in Canada. Agatsu offers private and semi-private training. And, you can even learn online - sweet.


2. Monkey Bar Gym

173c Cartier Avenue, Pointe-Claire

Monkey Bar Gym holds a variety of group classes which focus on giving you a full-body workout. They'll whip out sandbags, medicine balls and of course, kettlebells.


Photo cred - Sacramento Pipeworks

3. CrossFit Montreal

4850 Saint-Ambroise

For many, CrossFit and intense conditioning are one and the same.

CrossFit Montreal offers one-on-one personal training and group classes which include kettlebell work.


4. Studio Adonnics

5661 Royalmount Ave. TMR

Studio Adonnics is known for its bootcamp sessions. They call their Kettlebell Craze class "the coolest class you'll ever experience." Try it and see for yourself.


5. Report Fitness

2290 Union St.

Want to get your kettlebell on? The team at Report Fitness will put you through your paces. Don't be intimidated though, their classes are designed for all levels.


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