5 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Groceries In Montreal

Don't waste your money at over-priced chain stores.
5 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Groceries In Montreal

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, buying groceries is a lot harder than it looks. You can make a list, use points cards, even buy most of your items on sale, and generally your bill will still come out to be larger than expected. This is a no-bueno situation when you’re budget has little to no wiggle room. The problem is a lot of people don’t go shopping anywhere other than the big box grocery stores, meaning they’re buying their meat and veg at over priced rates. Well, I’m here to tell you about the other options out there, so you can get your food as fresh and cheap as possible!

1. Eden

Les Galeries du Parc 3575, avenue du Parc

Once you go to Eden you’ll never turn back. This place lives up to its name. I buy all of my organic stuff from Eden because they have the best selection at a superb cost. For some reason the Yelp review says it’s expensive, which I totally disagree with. People just don’t understand that organic food is going to be slightly more, but honestly you get way more out of your dollar than you would anywhere else. On top of having organic food, they have an amazing array of vegan, gluten and lactose free options as well.

2. Supermarche Akhavan

6170 rue Sherbrooke Ouest

This place is my go-to when I need my middle eastern food fix. Akhvan is one of those stores that makes you feel proud to shop at the. The store clerks are lovely, the prices are cheap and they have the most delicious and comforting food available for you to purchase right when you walk in. The samosas are to die for. I’d say their prices are the best when it comes to their meat and cheese selection, which is amazing because that’s what the big chain stores normally overprice.

3. Segals

4001 Blvd St-Laurent

I’d say that Segal’s is by far one of Montreal’s best kept secrets. We love it so much that we have an entirely separate article just for them! What I will say is this: do not let your first impression deter you. It looks sketchy, but once you go in, you’ll realize that you have found a hidden gem. They always have amazing sales on EVERYTHING. To give you an idea, a tub of Hagen Daas is only $5. Take that information as you will.

4. Frigo Vert

2130, Rue Mackay

Being a Concordia student, I am obviously biased towards this place. But, scouts honour, I think that Frigo Vert is the bomb.com. It’s a Concordia run grocery store that has the cheapest fair trade food. If you’re going to buy anything from FV, nuts and dried fruit is the way to go. I used to waste SO much money buying trail mix from IGA. No longer, I can now get alternative protein and feel good about it.

5. PA Super Marche

1420, Rue du Fort

And finally we have the beloved PA Super Marche. This place is a great alternative to the chain stores because it has everything they would have, but at way better prices. Checking out the weekly flyer is key, but their fruits and veggies are always fresh, cheap and never fail to satisfy. My only qualm is the perpetual long line-up. However I would stand in that line all day because the prices and selection are so damn good.

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