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5 Places You Can Get A Pumpkin Spice Latte In Montreal Besides Starbucks

It's that time of the year again where people slowly begin to realize fall is approaching. How do we decide when the new season officially begins? By the release of Pumpkin Spice Lattes in cafes across the city.

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Definitely the most mainstream and "basic" option would be Starbucks. With an official release date in less than a week, all anyone can think about is being first in line to get the official festive drink of the season. 

What many Montrealers don't know is that there are a few other cafés in the city that offer their version of the popular drink. In fact, their take on the PSL might actually taste better than the Starbucks line. The only way to know for sure is to make a trip to every single one of these shops this fall and test them out for yourself.

1. Tunnel Espresso Bar

Not only is this place an incredible "hole-in-the-wall" shop that delivers way more than you would expect for such a small place, but every fall they make specialty seasonal drinks you really can't skip trying. Their pumpkin spice latte and the bestselling apple spice latte are two treats you need this autumn.


2. Café Myriade

You really got to show your support for all the independant cafés in the city, so what better way to get a PSL from one of the best? Café Myriade uses their very own homemade pumpkin spice syrup to make their drinks unique from the rest. If that's not enough, just look at how cute their halloween latte art is!


3. Melk

Via MELK Bar à Café

This Montreal chain might take the cake for creamiest lattes in the city. Using a secret recipe to make their one-of-a-kind Pumpkin Spice Latte, you're going to wish it was fall all year round. Plus, the cute pumpkin latte art will seriously give you those Halloween vibes you wait all year for.


4. Caffelini

@cafelliniembedded via

You have to admit this is one of the cutest coffee cups ever! Caffelini has three locations across the city so you always have the opportunity to grab their fall favourite drink. Made with fresh coffee and a homemade pumpkin spice mixture, if the adorable takeout cup isn't enough to make you feel like you've traveled to Halloweentown, then just a sip of their PSL will!


5. Tommy Café

Via Tommy Café

You've probably heard of this spot before, known for their incredible architecture and abundance of plants, but the café also hosts some unreal "flavour of the month" drinks year round. What could possibly be the pick for the fall? You guessed it. Their take on the PSL drink is one of their most popular, so it's totally worth it to stop here this season and try one yourself. Trust me, you won't regret it.


Enjoy the most amazing season of the year with an endless supply of PSL drinks!

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