5 Places You Can Get A Pumpkin Spice Latte In Montreal That Are NOT Starbucks

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5 Places You Can Get A Pumpkin Spice Latte In Montreal That Are NOT Starbucks

It's that time of year again friends, fall is here! I don't know about you but fall is one of my favourite seasons. I'm not so much into the hot, sweltering heat of summer so when the weather starts to cool down I definitely feel relieved.

This season is so great for so many reasons, the leaves are turning bright golden colours, the air is crisp which means chunky sweaters and circle scarves, and it's the perfect time for fun activities like apple picking! But that's not all fall is good for, fall also means pumpkin spice lattes!

These caffeinated drinks are little cups of heaven that literally taste just like fall. Starbucks coined the term PSL and basically brought these amazing drinks into existence, but that doesn't mean we have to go to Starbucks to get one. Many cafes around Montreal feature specialty drinks like PSLs in the fall, here's a list of some that you must check out!

1. Thé Mon Cafe

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376 Rue Notre-Dame O

This is an awesome little cafe located in Old Montreal. It has an amazing brunch menu which you just have to try if you come here. They serve some delicious meals like eggs benedict, breakfast bagel sandwiches and raspberry croissants! Oh, and during fall they have a pumpkin spiced latte all homemade, no syrup added! You're in for a fall treat at this spot.

2. Melk

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5612 Av de Monkland

This is one amazing Montreal cafe that you need to go to if you haven't been yet. Their coffees are some of the best, so creamy and delicious you can tell just by the name of this place! They also make seriously delicious desserts like their designer donuts or amazing cookies. Their fall lattes are seriously on point as well, they make an unreal pumpkin spice latte or you can try their maple syrup latte!

3. Tommy Cafe

Moved to Montreal for the coffee shops honestly

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200 Rue Notre-Dame O

I think we've all heard about this chic Montreal cafe filled with gorgeous natural light and hanging plants by now, but it's time to give it one more mention. Tommy features monthly latte flavours and last October they featured their super fresh and delicious pumpkin spice latte and I'm pretty certain they'll be bringing it back this fall because it was a huge hit. Keep your eye out by checking their Facebook page this fall to see when they'll be offering this fall treat!

4. Tunnel Espresso Bar

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1253 Avenue McGill College

This awesome little espresso bar is located right in the heart of downtown Montreal and has everything you could want in a cafe! It's hidden away in the underground tunnels between the Eaton Centre and Place Ville Marie and their coffee is exceptional! Every fall they made specialty seasonal drinks such as pumpkin spice latte and their favourite apple spice latte! You've got to try this place out as soon as you can.

5. Faberge

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

This classic Montreal spot isn't so much a cafe as it is an unreal brunch spot. If you haven't heard of Faberge before, then you're definitely gonna want to listen up. This place has some amazing brunch foods that are so delicious and unique like their fried chicken and waffles, PB&J french toast, or their mac and cheese eggs benedict. They also make an awesome pumpkin latte that you must try this fall. It's featured on their menu all year long so no time limits on this one!

Bonus: Second Cup

Un après-midi d'études ?☕️

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Okay, I know you came into this article to find some adorable independent cafe featuring your favourite fall drink, and you were definitely not expecting another cafe chain like Second Cup to appear. But honestly Second Cup is way better than Starbucks so I feel like it still deserves an honourable mention. This year Second Cup is featuring their fall pumpkin spice latte and it actually looks delicious! They also have some awesome pumpkin scones, pop tarts and muffins to try out as well.

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