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5 Planets Will Align And Be Visible Over Montreal

A rare celestial phenomenon.
5 Planets Will Align And Be Visible Over Montreal

For the first time in over ten years we will be treated to an amazing parade of planets.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will all be visible from the naked eye. The event started this morning (Jan. 20th) and will be happening every morning for the next 30 days.

This phenomenon happens when the 5 planets' orbits become aligned. This means that all 5 planets will appear in the sky one after the other.

To get an idea of when the planets will be visible, last night Jupiter appeared at 9:20 pm, Mars appeared at 1:11 am, Saturn appeared at 4:00 am, Venus appeared at 5:00 am and mercury at 6:15 am. The show will be visible until the sun rises.

The planets should be appearing at approximately the same time every day until February 20th.


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