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5 Reasons Every Montrealer Should Run 5 KM With A Pineapple

Challenge yourself like never before.
5 Reasons Every Montrealer Should Run 5 KM With A Pineapple

How do you read the title of this post and not want to immediately do what it says?

The Pineapple Challenge is an insane and hilarious obstacle course that you don't want to miss.

Here's why:

1. More Fun Than Spartan or Tough Mudder Races - Bonus: Only 5 KM

We're not all cut out for jumping into ice cold, muddy waters or "mildly" electrocuting ourselves while running through an obstacle course. The Pineapple Challenge is all about having fun and doing it in style. No need to train for this race - just show up in a crazy costume and run! Did we mention, it's only 5 km, and there will be tons of food and beer?

2. Kick Off Your Summer

It'll be warm (we hope!) and sunny, so you know that it'll be a good time. Celebrate the fact that Mother Nature has finally let go of Old Man Winter by giving back to the community - if all of Montreal gets in on this, then maybe the good karma will lead to a shorter winter next year?

3. Support A Good Cause

Working out and having fun with your friends is awesome, but helping to save lives sweetens the deal. Your team has to make a minimum $75 donation to participate; these proceeds will go towards The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, geared to help save and better the lives of those dealing with blood cancers.

4. Fun With Friends

Participants have to be over 15 years old and teams can include from 2 to 10 people. Grab all of your closest friends and sign up! Choose a hilarious team name, dress up in matching costumes (if you want - why wouldn't you?) and work together to finish the course. Caution: choose your teammates wisely, they can make or break your obstacle course success.

5. Pineapples & Luaus!

The #1 most important thing about the Pineapple Challenge is that, throughout the whole race, your team needs to hold on to your pineapple for dear life. It's like when you used to throw a balloon around and, if someone let it touch the ground, they lost - same concept, except this time, it's a pineapple. And who doesn't love pineapples? Treat it like your child.

Following the obstacle course, a huge luau party will take place for all participants! Food, drinks, dancing and a whole lot of fun!

REGISTER early & LIKE The Pineapple Challenge!