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5 Reasons Why Curling Is A Lot Cooler Than You Think

Canada just won the gold medal in women's curling, and the men's team is set to rock the ice tomorrow. Our nation's mad skills at the sport aside, there a few key reason's why you should get into curling.

Curling is not the lame sport you think it is, and here's why:

Curlers Can Poke Fun At Themselves

Nothing is worse than athletes that take themselves too seriously. Curlers, on the other hand, can take a joke and are cool with laughing at the poor rep the sport has. Rather than be assholes about it, they take it in stride and even get in on the razzing. Take a look at Andy Richter (from Late Night With Conan O'Brien) hanging with some curlers to see what I mean.

Curlers are Mad Sexy

The days where all curlers were overweight dudes and ladies with mullets. If you don't believe me, take a look at these Olympic curlers, just be prepared to get all hot and bothered.

Easy to Follow and Exciting to Watch

Most people don't really know the rules of curling, and I'm sure you all wiki'd it after seeing all those sexy players because you know you wanna watch them play. Pretty easy right? Basically just get close to the middle. No downs, icing, or other technicalities to deal with, just people sliding on ice, yelling some shit, and a bunch of sweeping. Check out an idiot's guide here.

They're Throwing Boulders!

Most people don't realize the inherent badassery of curling. Back in the day (as far back as the 1500s) it used to be a bunch of crazy mofos on frozen lakes throwing giant rocks. Something about tossing heavy stones on ice just has a certain daredevil quality to it. Sure, times have changed, but curling is still the only sport where big ass rocks are involved.

Curling is a Source of National Pride

As previously mentioned, Canada's women's curling team just nabbed gold at Sochi. The men's team is in the final round and chances are we'll take the first place medal. Canada doesn't pwn at many sports, but we do kick ass at curling, so why not jump on the national bandwagon and support making curling cool?

Are you into curling now?

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