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5 Reasons Why Every Montrealer Should Travel To Thailand This Summer

As if you even need a reason.
5 Reasons Why Every Montrealer Should Travel To Thailand This Summer

When summer hits in Montreal, most of us couldn't dream of leaving. We hibernated for 6 months in the deadly cold just waiting for the moment the sun would start shining and the city became a summer wonderland. Still, you've done Montreal summer before, and while epic, there are many experiences that simply can't be lived through in our fair city, experiences you can only get overseas, like Thailand.

Venturing to Thailand may seem like an extreme idea, but Free & Easy Traveler makes the whole process, well, freeing and quite easy. Creating adventures, and not tours, Free & Easy crafts a travel plan that fits with the Montreal vibe of fun, adventure, and maybe some shenanigans along the way.

Much more legit than a simple tour group, Free & Easy will get you to Thailand this summer, and here are 5 reasons you should take the chance to do so:

1. Rep Montreal On An International Level

Canada knows Montreal is filled with fun and energetic people that sometimes border on the crazy... crazy-awesome that is. Thailand, though, is known all over the world for being particularly zany ("what happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand") so travelling to Thailand will be your chance to prove Montrealers are just as hardcore and can handle the Thai-party/adventure scene with ease.

2. Make New Friends From Montreal And Around The World

Maybe the best part about Free & Easy Traveler is how youth-oriented it is. Almost all travellers are between 18-30, most being university students, so if you fit in that demographic you won't be alone, and even if you don't, you'll be surrounded by young people who want to have as much fun as you. You'll have the chance to go on some zany adventures with people who live across Canada (and the world!) and make more new travel buds than you would anywhere else!

3. Get Bitten By The Travel Bug

As we’ve said many a time, Montreal summers are amazing. Festivals are sublime, but we've all been there a time or two, and it is time to explore a new place and have your eyes opened to a new way of life in another culture! You’ll be taken across Thailand with Free & Easy, to experience it's stunning beaches, delicious food, cheap shopping, interesting culture, and beautiful people with travelers from all over the world! You will get home and be ready to book your next flight to explore and party next summer away on your next Free & Easy trip!

4. Have An Overseas Group Adventure

Tour groups are lame, and tend to invoke ideas of old people in Hawaiian shirts with old school cameras. That’s not what you’ll get with a trip to Thailand with FNEZ. You’ll be taken to the coolest sights, while still letting you explore on your own, because a trip is meant to be freeing, not like an elementary school field trip. A trip with Free & Easy will open your eyes to a new style of travel, with all the independence you want but a group of new best friends to explore with when you feel the need to be social!

5. Everything's Cheaper

Say goodbye to Thai Express and hello to authentic Thai cuisine for literally a fraction of the price. One of the best things about travelling in Thailand is that everything is so cheap! Cheap food, cheap booze and cheap adventures. Being immersed into the culture with Free & Easy will ensure you get some quality cultural eats and not the tourist trap food regular tour groups will get roped into. Keep your belly and your wallet full at the same time.

The question isn't should you go, but when should you go! See you in Thailand this summer! Check out Free & Easy deals on now for the last of their summer adventures!