5 Reasons Why Tuesdays Fvcking Suck

Second Monday is the worst Monday.
5 Reasons Why Tuesdays Fvcking Suck

Before I continue with this post, I should warn you guys: I love Mondays. So, you know, take this rant with a grain of salt. In all honesty, though, I think Mondays get a bad rap. Really, we don't actually hate Mondays. We hate the first day of the week; the first day back to work and responsibilities. But for some people (me), the first day of the week is exciting A.F. Know what's not exciting A.F? The second day of the week. If you don't know why - well, you're about to. Read on for 5 Reasons Why Tuesdays Fvcking Suck.

1. Tuesday? You mean Monday #2.

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time you looked forward to a Tuesday? Never? Probably never. That's because there's nothing to look forward to. Unlike Monday, there's no excitement. No promise of a fresh new week ahead. Unlike Wednesday, the weekend is not just around the corner.You know what is? Monotony. Lots and lots of monotony.

2. They serve no purpose. At all.

Except to bring us closer to the weekend, which is kind of cool. But still. Imagine a world without Tuesdays. What would change? Nothing. Except Friday would come sooner and we'd all be so much happier.

3. Want to turn up on a Tuesday? Too bad.

Okay, full disclosure, there are a lot of cool things to do on a Tuesday. We're super lucky that we live in a city where there are always things to do. And, sure, you can be super down to go out on a Tuesday night after a long day of class/work. But will your friends be? And will you be willing to risk the hangover at school/work on Wednesday morning?

4. Tuesdays are unproductive.

Or at least they feel unproductive. Honestly, on Monday you're fresh from the weekend. On Wednesday you're rejuvenated by the promise of the weekend. But on Tuesday? No dice. All you can do is trudge through the day and hope for the best.

5. Tuesdays are just the worst.

It's the day when your weekend relaxation wears off and real life kicks in. It's the furthest day from the weekend (excluding Monday). And the worst part is that if you voice your passionate distaste for a weekday... well, real talk, you sound a little crazy. It's okay though. Team #IveEmbracedIt.