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5 Reasons Why You Should Already Be Following MTL Blog Events

So you know what's going on in the city.
5 Reasons Why You Should Already Be Following MTL Blog Events

Photo Cred - Partywithsylvain

MTL Blog Events is an all new Facebook page dedicated to Montreal's nightlife and events. You will find a constant list of the hottest and coolest happenings in the city every day and night.

From the most elite nightlife events, the biggest university parties, the coolest occasions to the funniest nightlife related posts, MTL Blog Events makes sure to keep you updated on what's happening every day in your favorite city.

Event ticket giveaways and other types of contests will be happening a lot on our page. To have a chance to attend the biggest events in the city for free make sure to like the page and not miss out on our posts!

Photo Cred - Partywithsylvain

With a lot always happening in the city, there's much to choose from. The team at MTL Blog Events carefully selects the best ones you need to attend.

You will find fun and interactive posts, and maybe even a little meme action, related to events and happenings in Montreal every week! Your friends will want to see them.

MTL Blog Events starts to host, sponsor and coordinate events all over town. To know which parties we will be at, like the page!

Photos from the best events will be uploaded straight on the Facebook page! You will be able to like, share and tag your friends after your night out.

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