5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Catcall

#4 Because we don't want the attention.
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Catcall

Whoa whoa whoa! Everyone calm down! From what I've seen, catcallers tend to be older dudes, so this article probably doesn't apply to the guys reading this. But please, if you have older brothers, dads, etc. who do catcall women - yell after them, follow them, try and start conversations after the woman clearly shows she's uninterested - please send this to them.

I'm sure catcallers don't mean any harm, but catcalling sucks for women. And here's why:

1. Because she doesn’t know your intentions

For men, catcalling must seem harmless. You yell something out without thinking about it and she walks away. But you have to imagine what it’s like for the woman. She is yelled at every day by all kinds of men, and she has absolutely no idea what they want.

She can’t tell which kind of man you are, so she has to go on guard the second you open your mouth. You’re putting her in an extremely scary situation every time to catcall.

2. You make her self-conscious

Men seem to think that catcalling is a compliment, and I can see why; seeing as men don’t tend to get such constant vocal attention from women, catcalling must seem like an act of good will. But again, try and see it from point of view - every day, she walks down the street, and complete strangers yell at her about how she looks.

Without realizing it, she starts walking, talking, and dressing in whatever way she thinks will make people leave her alone. You get the luxury of walking down the street without being judged about every part of your body. She doesn’t get that freedom because you choose to yell at her.

3. You make her feel like a piece of meat

This goes back to the last point I made. When a woman walks down the street every day and constantly hears what randoms think about her body - and let’s be real, nobody’s ever catcalled a woman about her mind, hopes, or virtues - she starts to believe that men only care about how she looks.

When you catcall, you objectify her - and she then feel objectified. And let me tell you, nonconsensual objectification is humiliating and dehumanizing - and it would be greatly deminished if you chose to keep your comments about the woman walking by to yourself.

4. Because we don't want the attention

This may come as a surprise to some men, but a woman doesn’t exist to please you. She has her own goals and feelings completely independant of men, and is usually deep in thought about something important when some guy in the street starts shouting.

Now she has to walk a bit faster, purse held close, glancing nervously around, getting ready to run is need be, or else she has to humour the bastard and smile at him so he’ll go away, just so she can get back to what she was doing. Over and over, all the way home. A man’s attention can be a wonderful thing, in the right time and place - but on the street? Just leave her alone.

5. Because it's rude!

You are literally yelling the first thing that comes to mind at a complete stranger like a five-year-old with Turret’s. Surely you’ve been to Kindergarden and learned basic manners? You should know at your age that blurting out vulgarities is only going to make yourself look like a horse’s ass. The women you yell at don’t to be yelled at, so be a gentleman.

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