5 Reasons You Need To Attend Rep Your Flag Festival At New City Gas

The biggest International Students Party in Canada.
5 Reasons You Need To Attend Rep Your Flag Festival At New City Gas

On March 20th, New City Gas will host Rep Your Flag Festival by Interstude a party to proudly celebrate the multiculturalism of Montreal. Interstude is known for hosting AMAZING parties, and the Rep Your Flag Festival is no exception. Here is why you'll buy your ticket asap.

1. A Crowd From All Around The World

Rep Your Flag Festival will be the event for out-of-towners, the party is hosting 3000 students from all over the world. Here’s your chance to share shots and dance it up with people from across the globe, right here in Montreal.

2. Hometown Montreal DJs

Montreal’s premiere DJs David A. and MC TB1 are both featured on the Rep Your Flag Set list, as well as Nikolae, Interstude’s music producer and Dj.

3. A Dress Code To Make You Proud

The Rep Your Flag Festival is all about showing some national pride while having fun. The dress code is simple: paint your face, bring your flag, and dress in the colours of your country. Get some inspiration here.

4. Montreal's Largest Nightlife Venue

Everyone on the Montreal nightlife scene knows New City Gas. Even if you've never been, you have definitely heard all about the epic events hosted at what has become Montreal's top party venue. A huge dance floor, a killer sound system, and an electric energy make New City Gas the perfect spot to party.

5. The Fear of Missing Out

You don’t want to hear from your friends about how awesome the Rep Your Flag Festival was the next day. Don’t miss out on the MADNESS. No Rep Your Flag Festival will be sold at the door so get your ticket ASAP, because they will sell out, and you know why you should be attending.

JOIN the event on Facebook, BUY tickets @ Insterstude, BUY tickets @ NCG, SURF the Interstude site for all relevant info

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